Rumor: Actress Miscarries;Soon-to-be Husband Doesn’t Want to Marry!

Rumors around the interwebz is that there is a certain actress who recently announced that she will be marrying, but met with a saddening fate;the actress miscarried the baby. That’s not the worst part! The worst is that her soon-to-be husband said that since she miscarried, he doesn’t want to marry her!

Just losing a child for a mother is already sad enough, but when the father of the child says he doesn’t want to marry the mother..Well that’s even worse! The only reason he said he would (marry her) was because he felt responsible for getting the actress pregnant. After the miscarriage the soon-to be groom showed hesitation only because they both had addressed the public already. With no choice to choose from, the wedding will commence. It was also rumored that the future mother-in-law (who has a bit of face in the hi-so community) isn’t too pleased with her future daughter-in-law. But since she has to save her dignity and face in the end, The show must go on!

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[2] Is it Ploy or Petch? It was rumored that she is pregnant before marrying.
[3] Is it Ple Paradee?
[4] Ploy already married. It has to be someone who just addressed the public. As for Ple Paradee.. I’m not sure if the guy’s side has face in society.
[5] Ple’s boyfriend is very rich and he graduated overseas, but his age is only 24. Try and search up his profile. if it’s true, I feel sorry for Ple.
[6] It has to be Ple because her soon-to-be husband’s family is a hi-so, but they just don’t show it often. They live a normal life and not lavishly spending. If it’s true, I symphathize for her and if they were to marry, not sure if they will last long or not.

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