Bella Accepts Um’s Unfollowing on IG

Actress, “Bella” Ranee Campen accepts her co-star, “Um” Artichart‘s unfollowing on Instagram.

When reporters met up with Bella at Ideo Urban Pulse, they had asked her regrding the feedback from the lakorn, ‘Plerng Chimplee’, Bella replied, “The feedback’s very good. I’ve heard (and was told) that the lakorn is starting to become more enjoyable. The two leads are now starting to have good feelings towards one another.”

Reporters went on to ask Bella how she felt about the scandal and rumors involving Um and herself.

“If you’re asking if I’m stirred by the rumors, I’m not because truthfully, this should’ve ended long ago and there is no truth to it.” Bella said

Do you think it has made viewers keep a watchful eye on the lakorn?

“Yes, it has made more people watch the lakorn and I want to insist that we’re playing it by the script. There is nothing more than just being in bounds of the script.”

Are you still following Um on Instagram?

“I’m not following him anymore.”

Why is that you’ve unfollowed him?

“Because of the rumors, that’s why I unfollowed him and for the comfort of ease for both sides. I don’t want people to focus on that.”

Is the reason you’ve unfollowed him because you’re afraid that there might be a problem?

“It’s for the comfort of ease to myself also.

Did you decide to unfollow him yourself?

“Yes, I decided it myself.”

With both of you unfollowing one another are you afraid that you won’t be able to work with each other in the future?

“I don’t have a problem with us working together at all. If it’s work I can do it, but if it’s more than that, I couldn’t do it if people are just going to focus on that instead of our work.”

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2 responses to “Bella Accepts Um’s Unfollowing on IG

  1. I find it interesting how celebrity instagram followers are kept in track. To know which one is still a follower or had unfollow. This case of Bella and Umm, I still find it iffy. It’s almost of there may have been something going on to no, it’s just rumor. Thank you 🙂

  2. I was hoping there was something between them! Both are adults and handled the situation well. Sad Bella got most of the hate when it’s just a drama.

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