Past Photos of James Jirayu Garnering Attention

Past photos of young actor, “James” Jirayu Tangsrisuk are garnering attention from netizens on Pantip with the original thread starter asking if James is a real man. James is no rookie when it comes to being flashy. Now it just seems like there’s an orgin for his fashion style.

[+1,-0]Korean Idols dress more flashy than this. With James, this is normal for a kid from the countryside. It was in fashion and that’s how they dressed back then.
[+5,-0] Do you even have to ask? He’s expressing to this extent.
[+8,0] 55555555. Some of his fans are saying that James is a woman disguised as a man to work in the entertainment business.
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This is normal. If you want to see more flashy, just head on over to his IG.
[+0,-0] If he is or he isn’t, I don’t know. I just know him when he’s in front of the camera, but from what I feel, he doesn’t have any masculine charms.
[+0,-0] Back in the days Lift-Oil dressed like this and at that time I thought both of them were gay;20 years have passed and both have children and are happily married.
[+2,-0] I’ve asked my brother and his group of friends who are very masculine and they told me that he’s not gay. Another guy can tell if another one is manly or not. It’s just that his face is very sweet-looking.


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Recent pictures of James on his Instagram.

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