Denkhun Opens Up After His Comment On The 3rd Gender

After Denkhun Ngamnet made his comment about transgender, “Poyd” Treechada belittling her and those of the 3rd gender, Denkhun revealed how he felt after the storm on ‘Chae Dtae Chao’ regarding the issue.

“First, I want to apologize to P’Poyd and apologize to all of the 3rd gender. That day, (the day he made his comment) I was just waking up and I checked IG and saw my friend’s IG picture, out of hastiness and my stupidity had me commenting without thinking. AFter I had fully woken up, I saw all the criticisms of my stupidity and I felt really bad. I am happy with the 3rd brother is one also and those around me are also. I have never despised the 3rd gender, but because of my impetuousness, I did something I regret.

I was wrong. I’m already 20 years old and I’m not a child anymore and I was wrong for what I did. I want to say that I do not despise the 3rd gender and what I did was out of hastiness and my stupidity of someone my age. I am now understanding how society is. I got a life lesson and a big lesson at that. I felt terrible when I got criticized, but I’m not angry because it was really my fault and I have no right to be angry at anyone.” – Denkhun said.

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