Angry Netizen Digs Up Past Photos of Denkhun

After Denkhun Ngamnet‘s little fiasco with famous transgender “Poyd” Treechada (where Denkhun commented on a picture of Poyd and his friend on his friend’s instagram with the comments along the lines of “Eww, you’re eating a homosexual” (loosely translated). When Poyd saw the comment she was fuming mad and went on a rampage tagging “A” Supachai and those that she can to tell to teach Denkhun a lesson and what he commented was hurtful).

Netizens, transgenders, gays, and straights alike were angry at the supporting Channel 3 actor even though Denkhun apologized for what he did (which seem liked a half-ass apology to them) and Poyd said she forgave him and it’s all clear blue waters from here, but that didn’t stop netizens from digging up Denkhun’s old pictures from the past before he “supposedly” got plastic surgery.

Denkhun has deleted his instagram due to so much criticism and hateful comments.

[Source via Entertain Teenee]

3 responses to “Angry Netizen Digs Up Past Photos of Denkhun

  1. Oh damn! That is why you gotta watch what you say on social networking website. I hope he learn from this mistakes.

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