“Sek” Loso Files Divorce Asks For ฿202.5 Million; Assaulted Wife

“Karn” Wipakarn estranged wife of “Sek” Loso filed a report to the police department on October 8 that Sek physically assaulted her and says he has a bit of a mental illness.

A video of the couple surfaced online which seems to be taken in front of their house as Karn is being slapped across the face by Sek in front of their child caused such an uproar amongst netizens and citizens alike that prompted Karn to file a report on domestic violence.

Sek countered-sued Karn asking for compensation stating that Karn and her people had setup the scene and secretly recorded the actions on video to make it look like he was the bad person which resulted in damaging his career and his name and that he has halted his concert and activities resulting in not being able to earn money.

Sek’s lawyers revealed that they will be meeting with Karn on the 13th of October in court and will show the clip of the supposed “domestic violence” that Sek had no intentions on physically hurting her therefore will be suing her for 202.5 million baht for setting up the scene to prompt Sek into slapping her, secretly recording it, and releasing it online on the 8th of October which isn’t serving justification to Sek.

Sek denies of any drugs being involved and is willing to go under a drug test.

The video of the alleged violence was posted online by the sister of “Karn” Wipakarn after the altercation ensued. Karn gave her side of the story saying that she had taken her middle child to the home that Sek was residing in to pick up a parcel and the two had an altercation which resulted in the abuse. After the violence Karn had headed straight to the police department to file a report.

Karn said the argument ensued when she and her son wasn’t allowed inside the house. They had asked Sek why he wouldn’t let his son in to get the parcel, but Sek said that the rooms were all locked. When asked again why he wouldn’t let his son inside because their older son told the middle child to get something in his room Sek still wouldn’t let their son inside the house. Sek asked in return who was in the car when Karn told it was her sibling, Sek opened the gates and ran to the car.

When asked if this was all a setup, Karn said that she didn’t know at all that those that were in the car was secretly recording the altercation at all and knew of it when she was told of it. Karn felt relieved that there was evidence and it was not a setup at all.

[Source via: Teenee.com/Rakdara/Khaosod]

3 responses to ““Sek” Loso Files Divorce Asks For ฿202.5 Million; Assaulted Wife

  1. A man that hits any women for any reason let alone the mother of his children in front of his children is not a man. He’s lowest of the low. There’s no excuse at all to lay a hand on a women. He needs to be banned.

  2. She should of never went back with him. Not that I am blaming her, but once a cheater and wife beater he is not going to hesitate to do it again. Hope he’ll get a deserving punishment this time. Thanks!

  3. My admiration for Sek just went downhill. It was good that she set him up because now we see the real side of him. A man should never raise his hands on a woman. Period. Sek says that he was prompt into hitting her? What a lame excuse.

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