Janie Says Idiots Will Believe A Fool’s Rumor

Actress, Janie Tienpohsuwan posted on her Instagram the quote, “Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.” The actress is being scrutinized and on a watchful eye by netizens after her divorce and her mending her heart in the U.S. Latest to come out is that Janie and Hi-so, “Top” Nathasedh were getting flirty with one another even though the latter is married and has a family.

Recently netizens have been doing some investigative work (or at least try to make something out of nothing) by going through Janie’s and Top’s Instagram from when the two held a joint birthday party to see if these two were hiding anything. Top’s wife, “Pam” Orn-arpa came out to clear the air also that Janie and her husband are just friends, but that didn’t stop the rumors from taking off.

Janie couldn’t take it anymore to the point that she had to post the quote on her Instagram to fend off “haters”.

[Source via Teenee.com/parachachat.net]

Does it look like the rumors are just being made up out of pure hater-ism?

[Janie and Top]

[Janie, Top, and Pam]

One response to “Janie Says Idiots Will Believe A Fool’s Rumor

  1. I wouldn’t say out of hater-ism, but the interest of what’s her next step. They both look like friends to me. I don’t think a Hi-so like Top would want to involve his name with Janie scandals.

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