Grace Begs For Show-Off Celebrity Hashtag to End

“Grace” Kanklao and boyfriend “Kong” Karoon seems to be hitting a discord with many netizens who has created the hashtag “Show-off Celeb” #เซเลบขี้อวด (Celeb Kee-Uat) when Grace, Kong, and Grand The Star took a picture with famous Korean singer Jaejoong of JYJ while on his trip to Thailand.

“I beg for this to end because this is really nothing big and I don’t see it as something serious at all. I look at it as something that can happen. He (Jaejoong) came to Thailand and we were being a good host by taking him sightseeing and eating. Jaejoong is a very cute person.” Grace said when asked how she felt about it.

“I feel like Instagram is a personal space and I think there should be a respectful boundaries also. I just don’t think it’s a big problem and it should passed over. ” Grace mentioned when asked if she would be careful from now on on what she posts on Instagram.

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One response to “Grace Begs For Show-Off Celebrity Hashtag to End

  1. crazy neitzen really. It’s just one celebrity meeting another one……what’s up with that? If only we can hash tage the neizen as petty-crazy-show-off-neitzen-who has too much to say..LOL!

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