Kimberley Won’t Elaborate Relationship Status With Mark

At the ‘Central Sanrio Fair 2014’ event, reporters saw actress Kimberley Anne Tiamsiri and asked her regarding the picture on her Instagram. Why’d she tag “Mark” Prin in the picture and was there any special kind of meaning regarding the picture?

“He (Mark) was the one who took the picture, so I tagged him. I didn’t put it on the comment, but instead I wanted to switch it up and use the tag feature.”

We saw that Mark tagged you in one of his pictures and it was right on his heart, have you asked him why he tagged you in that spot?

“You would have to go ask him this question. I didn’t ask him about it, but I have secretly read from fans about it.”

It seems like you two are slowly opening up about your relationship. Is that true?

“Really, we’ve always shown it from the beginning. We’re not hiding anything and tagging on the heart or on chest has no meaning because it was the intention of tagging that person already. I meant to tag him because he took the picture and I tagged him in the eye. He’s taken many pictures for others also not just me.”

Can you say that Mark is your boyfriend yet?

“How should I say it..The way we are is good already and there doesn’t need to be a status. We’re just slowly going and taking it day by day. We each are busy with our jobs. It’s just up to whatever or whomever wants to think.”

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10 responses to “Kimberley Won’t Elaborate Relationship Status With Mark

  1. No need to elaborate, it is clearly known both are in a committed relationship. Indeed, nothing was hidden in the beginning that’s why both are pointed as cheaters. Thank you!

  2. If your sick of them don’t watch them.
    Your can do more damage staying with someone you don’t love when your heart is somewhere else better to let go and be with who your heart tells you. You can’t stop love or choose who u love!
    They are young it’s time to love, time to live, time to learn.
    I love MK bc of their chemistry. It’s not childish like NY or fake like jiranee.

  3. Mark and Kimberly have a love that can only be made in heaven. The love and respect they have for each other makes me love them even more!

  4. LOVE IT! So cute! and I read both entries. I’m working on Be1728#n&;s party right now… gator theme of course. I’m totally going to use the picture frame idea! I love it! That was quite an extensive dessert table. Everything looked yummy! I also like the photobooth idea. Happy 1st Birthday Tom!

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