‘Taew’ Pleased To Be Called The Next Princess of Entertainment

For the latest issue of Kazz Magazine, actress, ‘Taew’ Natapohn received so many compliments from the magazine photo shoot from fans and her boyfriend that’s she’s very pleased with the compliments. Taew also revealed that she was pleased with the scandal of those who were calling her the next princess of entertainment.

“I don’t want to think about comparing myself to my seniors, but I’m happy that there are a lot of compliments. As for myself, I don’t think I’m at the level of being a princess because I still consider myself a rookie still. I want to work more and achieve more experience first” Taew revealed.

[Source via Teenee.com]

Netizen Comments on Teenee

 1. Who gave her that title? Is she sure she’s just not thinking about it herself? Her acting is mediocre and no matter what role she takes on it seems like it hasn’t improved.

3. Who complimented this girl? Is she thinking it all in her head? Especially with the news of her secretly seeing Nadech behind her man’s back even with her past she was so scandalous to the point that Channel 3 had to reprimand her, but not long did her skanky characteristics hold back that she had to break loose once again.

6. Is she really that person? Oh my gosh! Nadech’s mom is going to have a scandalous daughter-in-law who can’t stay away from guys and is a partier? Let me ask again, is she really like that?

10. She does look better. I admit she has gotten more beautiful, but her acting in lakorns are just mediocre. I don’t get left with an impression that it’s at a level of being a princess of entertainment. She looks pretty at certain times when she has make-up on, but doesn’t have any charms.

31. Over exaggeration! To hold the title of princess of entertainment, your acting and lakorns have to accumulate various factors. Just because you have one lakorn that acquired good ratings does not mean it permits you to become the princess of entertainment. She is no where near that title. She has a long way to go.

2 responses to “‘Taew’ Pleased To Be Called The Next Princess of Entertainment

  1. Wow. Some of the netizen’s comments are quite harsh. I agree that her acting is mediocre, not the greatest, but I believe that if she tries harder, she can reach that level. I think she’s a pretty girl. I think she just hasn’t got a lakorn character that’s challenging enough. When the time comes, it’ll come. 🙂

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