Noey Chotika Accused of Being Actress Who Refused To Pay For Outfit

Villian actress, ‘Noey’ Chotika seems to be aforementioned actress who had refused to pay for an outfit, the actress denied that she is not the actress rumored. But It came to a point where Noey couldn’t take it anymore and had to clear the rumors and took it to her IG to clarify any misunderstandings.

“At first I wasn’t going to care about this, but I felt like I was in distress. Let me clarify this before everyone confuses themselves. If you have any problem let’s speak about it. Don’t just assume and not let it become a big problem that the other person is in distress. Thank you.”

Noey has stated in a previous interview that she does not personally pick up her outfits from shops and even though netizens are saying that the outfit mentioned by the shop owner was the same style as what Noey had worn before, she has no recollection of it. Noey also stated that if she is given an outfit to wear she is always thankful for the outfit, so the person assumed couldn’t be her.

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