Top 5 Baby Faced Actors In Their 30’s

“Age is just a number”, is one of the the few words that you can always use especially when it comes to certain celebrities where age has nothing to do with their appearances at all. Let’s take a look at the male actors who have the number 3 in front of their age, but still manage not to let their age defy their youthful appearance.

  • 5. Sunny Sunwanmetanon

Being of Thai, Singaporean, and French descent, Sunny has become a heart throb to many women and transgender women alike in Thailand. Although Sunny is almost in his middle 30’s (33), Sunny looks like he can pass for being 25 with his youthful appearance.

  • 4. “Umm” Artichart Chumnanont

This married actor who is also in his mid 30’s (33) keeps up with his youthful appearance by workout on a daily basis even though he likes to workout, but he must be doing a double duty workout as he also has to keep up with his beautiful wife.

  • 3. “Tik” Jessadapon Poldee

Forever heartthrob actor, “Tik” Jessada proves that being near 40 (he’s 37) doesn’t seem to matter to his fans. After leaving the lakorn scene for a brief moment and making a return, “Tik” just proves what a real heartthrob is to his fans who seem to be into his roles in lakorns.

  • 2. “Dome” Pakorn Lum

Dome is no stranger when it comes to his handsome features. This 35 year old man proves that with a feature that is “god-like” and no matter how many women come into his life, it doesn’t seem diminish his popularity at all.

  • 1. Toni Rakkaen

If this famous Morlum heir doesn’t reveal his age (32) most people would think that he was in his early 20’s, but even though he is in his early 30’s, age doesn’t seem to have touched his face at all.

[Source via Entertain Teenee/TNews]

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