Before & After Picture Of ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana

Before and after pictures of actress ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana are garnering interests from netizens who are asking if the actress has ever went under the knife to change her appearance. Pictures of the actress from her Uni days are being compared to her recent pictures and some are even to the point of highlighting the features that ‘Namtarn’ had altered on her face suggesting ‘Namtarn’ had work done on her eyes, cheeks, and jaw line.

Do you think ‘Namtarn’ had work done?

[Source via Sanook Webboard and Surgecosmetic]

4 responses to “Before & After Picture Of ‘Namtarn’ Pichukkana

  1. I clearly think it is the braces only. Some tend to have a slimmer face shape after it is taken out. Her eyes look the same to me.

  2. True. Plus she looks so young in the “before photo” and has little/to no make up! She looks the same to me.

  3. She definitely has had work done. Her chin is completely different, no one can GROW a chin at that age, and braces do not change your face shape, they change the way your lips/cheeks look only. Her nose also seems like it’s had a lot of little touch ups, it used to be bigger and hooked a bit. I’m jealous I wish I had her plastic surgeon.

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