Did Swit Alter His Age?

It seems like Sasaki Taro (“Mickey” Swit Tetphuwanon) from the lakorn ‘Roy Rak Hak Liem Tawan’ (The Rising Sun) has got himself in bit of a mess. Various buzzing going around in the Thai netizen world, according to user #1731223 from the popular Thai netizen site Pantip, #1731223 revealed that Swit isn’t as old as his profile states that he is, in fact, Swit is being accused of actually being 10 years older than his profile age! Instead of being 25 (his birthday recently passed on the 29/30th of September) like the profile stated, Swit is actually 35!

Rumors flew abuzz when there was gossip that a certain actor from Channel 3 was accused of altering his age by 10 years came about. Many netizens pointed out that the person who was guilty of altering his age to enter the entertainment business was none other than Swit.

Source:Entertain Teenee

There has been no word or clarification from Swit yet on this subject.

One response to “Did Swit Alter His Age?

  1. It’s great to see Dirtii Laudry back! I have not yet watch the lakorn, but the guy does look like a 30 year old. I love pantip and their investigations. Always providing good info 😉

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