Actress Refuses To Pay For Outfit; Thought It Was Free

Gossip around the rumor mill on Pantip seems to be coming strong as a newly upcoming designer vents her frustrations against an actress who refused to pay for an outfit that she thought she was getting free!

User #1737604 from the online community, Pantip went to vent her frustrations against a certain actress on the forums. According to #1737604 who owns a shop that is known to her customers by word of mouth. The dressmaker revealed that she has had certain celebrities come into her shop and have her make them an outfit and in return they will promote her by reviewing it for free to heed business her way. She admits that there are certain celebrities that she is close to and will let them borrow her outfits to wear to events and random T.V. appearances. That was not the case with this certain actress. This actress came into her shop as a customer.

“When she came into the shop, I knew who she was because she is famous. When I saw her, I was hoping to myself that she could review an outfit for me, but I kept that to myself because I didn’t want to push it and she was only a customer. When the outfit was done, I had arranged for her to come in and try the outfit. When she arrived to the shop, she came up to me and hugged me like we were really close and said that she would give me a good review on the outfit. I was also confused as to why she didn’t ask how much the outfit cost. I thought I must’ve forgotten to tell her.

When this actress went to the event, I followed up on her and checked her IG waiting for her to review the outfit or at least tagged me in the photo of the outfit that she was wearing.,.Her picture at the event garnered at least over 100 comments commenting on how beautiful she was. I read every comment on IG to see if she mentioned me, but I thought she must’ve forgot. I also commented on her picture to say that she looked beautiful in the outfit on her IG.

That wasn’t it, I had sent her a message on LINE asking her for pictures of her wearing the outfit. She sent me about 3-5 pictures and thanked me. She said that she received a lot of compliments on the outfit. I told her the price of the outfit, but she was shocked and said that usually designers would let them keep the outfit for free. I had explained to her, but she insisted that she gets to keep the outfit for free as the initial agreement or payment wasn’t correctly explained when the outfit was being made. I had told her that she was a customer and I had not begged her to wear my design, but she should’ve reviewed or had at least acknowledged where she got the outfit from to let her fans on IG know like she said.

I had tried to explain to her for awhile. After the exchange, this actress disappeared for a month.

I am in the fashion industry and I had to check over and over again if what she did or I did was right. I had asked my friend, but the had told me that I had stupidly didn’t make it clear to her in the beginning. I don’t know what was wrong with me because usually before an outfit is made, I would ask for a down payment first. I think I must’ve been considerate at the time because I knew she was a famous actress…With her, I’m just speechless because when she wore my outfit for free she received a lot of compliments and yet there was no review.”

Source: Entertain Teenee/Pantip

“It’s the fruit that Tono likes to eat.” – Comment #5

“I want to know which ‘Nangfah’ actress it is. Pantip will find out who it is sooner or later!” – Comment #9

“If you tell it like this, we don’t know who it is. Why can’t you give us a hint and why would you tell us if there is no hint?” – Comment #4

“On the Pantip website it seems like no one is bothering with guessing who it is. I just think the owner of the shop is noise marketing to promote herself.” -Comment #10

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