“Bomb” Tanin Rumored to Have Broken Up With Girlfriend The Moment He Became Phra Aek


It seems like the Gentlemen of Jutthathep is having their fair share of rumors, first started off with “James” Jirayu and past picture of him and an ex girlfriend resurfacing, but now since it’s “Khun Chai Ratchanon“‘s turn, it seems like actor, “Bomb” Tanin is feeling the after effect of being Phra Aek. It was rumored that the moment Bomb was going to take a lead role, he had broken up with his outside of the entertainment business girlfriend.

Bomb cleared it up with ‘Dao Gra Jai’ that he had broken up with his ex girlfriend 2 years prior before he even took on the role as “Khun Chai Ratchanon”. Bomb continued to say that right now he is single and that he’s giving his heart to his fans that are his encouragement.

Let’s just hope that charm of his lasts!

Source: Entertain Teenee/Matichon

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