Thailand’s Got Talent Season 3 Under Structive Criticism Regarding Auditionee


On the 3rd of June, reporters reported that after a day from ‘Thailand’s Got Talent Season 3′ had aired there had been major criticism from netizens regarding auditionee, Sitthattha Ammoron (spelling?). 

When he first enters the stage he was asked to introduce himself and whilst doing so in a soft spoken voice without the mic, he did. Judge, “Benz” Ponchita then asks him to speak into the mic. The auditionee says that he doesn’t like to speak into the mic and Benz spoke, “If you don’t speak into the mic who will hear you?” She continues to ask him questions regarding himself like, how old he is, who did he come with? Sitthattha gives short answers saying he’s 24 years old, lives in Bangkok, and came with his mother. When Benz sneery makes a comment saying, “Does your mom not teach you how to say “krub”?” Sitthattha replied snarkly, “My family isn’t too keen on mannerisms, but virtues is what’s more important.” Those words gave a bit of a shock to the viewers.


When the auditionee was due to sing his song, both male judges hit the buzzard to say that Sitthattha did not pass. As for Benz she still had hope, but as the auditionee was missing lyrics, but he did get to sing the song until the end. Benz then made her decision that he would not be passed. After that she had asked him, “Did someone tell you that you could sing?” Sitthattha replied shortly, “The reason my voice is a little dry is because I didn’t drink lemon mixed in with warm water.” It left the viewers and judges speechless.

No matter what, Benz continued to ask him why did he decide to audition for ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ which Sitthattha replied that he had seen Susan Boyle and “Kik” Warunee on the stage so he decided to try out.

After the show had aired netizens had made criticisms towards ‘Thailand’s Got Talent’ asking Workpoint Entertainment why would they let Sitthattha audition? One being that he might have a mental disability and two being that the show wanted to create a buzz to get more viewers to up their ratings.

Netizens are outraged saying it wasn’t right to embarrass Sitthattha in public like that.

Source: Entertain Teenee/Naewna