“Om” Replacing “Pong” In ‘Baan Sai Tong’


Actor, “Om” Akapan Namart denies that he was replacing actor, “Pong” Nawat as ‘Chai Glaang’ in the remake lakorn of ‘Baan Sai Tong’. Om also says he is glad to be working with actress, “Min” Pitchaya again.


When reporters asked the actor of news he was replacing “Pong” in ‘Baan Sai Tong’ Om answered, “With this, I don’t know anything about it. Right now, I don’t know if this lakorn is on my schedule for me to play in it. If I was chosen to play this, I’m happy to take on any role.” Min Pitchaya is the nang aek. “That makes better because we used to work together and it’ll make the work more easier.” Are you afraid dating rumors will start again? “No, I’m not. We’ve worked together before and it should make us working together work out smoothly also.”

Source via: Gossip Star

Will you be tuning in to watch this remake?

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