“Chompoo” Dubbed As A Fashion Icon


Whatever actress, “Chompoo” Araya does seems to capture the hearts of her fans. The actress will soon be coming out with a lakorn called, ‘Tom Yum Lum Sing’. Not only is she into her action role, but it seems like her fans are growing with numbers and admiring her that producters from Channel 3 are queuing up and waiting for the actress to free her schedule to be in there next project.

Chompoo’s lakorn schedule is supposed to set her schedule throughout the whole year! Many advertising agencies are lining up to pull her as their presenter so that their products will sell because no matter what she does or no matter how she dresses like mostly ends up being a trendsetter for the women/girls out there.

Whatever fashion the actress wears, her fans and women/girls are noticing and following her. As popular and hot as the actress is, her style is not going unnoticed! Even when the actress took a BB powder compact and used it as a headband it set fashion a flame when those who took notice of it admired her for her creativity. Using something you usually normally don’t to make it into something admirable. It’s no wonder that her fan club as dubbed her as a fashion icon.

Source via: Gossip Star