Vicky and Chai, Secretly Engaged!

After having dated for 4 years, actor, “Chai” Charttayodom had finally popped the question to his actress girlfriend, “Vicky” Sunisa Jett.

With previous rumors saying the 2 have been engaged before, but only to find out they were false rumors. An inside source of the 2 couple had confirmed that Vicky and Chai had gotten engaged secretly and will head down the path to wedded bliss on May of next year.

Congratulations to the couple.

Source via Gossip Star

26 responses to “Vicky and Chai, Secretly Engaged!

  1. aww congrats to them… now i boyfriend will be sad that vicky is getting married… oh how im going to love telling him this…LOL

  2. Why do they gotta be sucha good cuple?(jealouse)
    ahaha jk wish them the best they’re getting married in 3 MOUNTHS !!!!

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