Om Denies He’s Seeing Wanda

Ohhhh.. For awhile it looked like we wouldn’t be able to see hot actor, “Om” Akapan‘s sweetheart, but a keen eye saw the actor and an out of entertainment girl by the name of Wanda (แวนด้า) shopping for expensive watches that costed nearly a hundred thousand baht to be a replacement symbol of his heart. Not only that there were rumors spreading like wildfire saying that this girl that Om is seeing is THE ONE. Well girls prepare to get your heart broken.

“The truth is, she’s only someone I know and we’ve started talking not long ago. We just only met.” (There were rumors that you bought her a watch?) “I’m also confused with that because it was a very expensive watch and we just only met and right now there’s nothing between us.” (Is she your type?) “Right now I can’t tell you yet because we’re getting to know one another. After the news broke out I had a talk with her because I don’t know how the rumor came about.” Om said.

Source via Gossip Star

23 responses to “Om Denies He’s Seeing Wanda

  1. He’s still looking good! and a good looking guy like him should have a gf already. It depends if I approve of her hehe 😛

  2. aww nooooo…. oh well the man gotta have a gurl some day so y not now… he still hot to me no matter what his new gurl friend better watch out im coming for him….LOL

    • hahah hell yeah…he wasn’t denying it exactly, and said they were getting to know each other more and right now there’s nothing between them..hint hint there lol

      • This is just my opinion and from what I gathered, but Om and Min P. did talk on the side, especially during Bundai dok ruk, but I think they decided that they were better off as friends. But before that, they were really flirtatious in the BTS for Bundai Dok ruk and it was kind of obvious. I think Om even gave out an interview that they talked a lot, but only as siblings…and I was like, whatever.

        • too bad i am cheering so much for Om n Min, now so disappointed that my favourites couple is of the list,, so saddddd

  3. OMG!!!! Hottie OM!!!! I’m really curious as to who this Wanda is, making all us girls jealous! I hope thingswork out for them, and if not, then I hope it ends well. I am all for these celebrities being happy in a public relationship though, I don’t like it when they deny and hide…I mean, sometimes its fun and mysterious, but when its so obvious and they still deny it…its like, seriously?

  4. Who’s wanda? I want to know how good looking she is. I think my fantasy with om and min are Going to BE OVER!!=(

  5. who cares if he has a girlfriend or not…fangirls or “gay” fanboys could dream on and continue having illusions and fantasies that he’s going to be with them but it’s not going to happen…

  6. Hi!I’m Mwaetaake Teaeka an I’m from Kiribati
    I mean a singer from Kiribati
    Althought we are far away from each other but I’m your big fan and my wish is to find your own true heart

  7. Hi!I’m Mwaetaake Teaeka and I’m from Kiribati
    I mean a singer from Kiribati and I’m your very big fan
    My only wish for you is to find your own heart or your true heart

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