Num Isn’t Bothered By Nui Exposing His Flirty SMS’s to Ae

It seems like “Num” Sornram might be in deep water when his former girlfriend, “Nui” Sujira revealed on a certain television show that the famous actor sent a flirty text hitting on “Ae” Sasikarn, but only to be turned down by her because Ae wasn’t having it!

Num couldn’t sit still and let people misunderstand him! The actor came out and admitted that he did send Ae an SMS message, but it wasn’t anything flirty and Ae wasn’t the only one he sent SMS’s too either. He sent it to everyone he knew and sustains his relationship with Ae are only of a sibling relationship. As for having to clear this up with his former girlfriend? Num said there is no need to because he had stopped all contact with Nui for a long while now!

Source via Gossip Star

10 responses to “Num Isn’t Bothered By Nui Exposing His Flirty SMS’s to Ae

  1. Nui need to shut the f**k up, didnt she cheat on Num
    I want Num and Ae to be a couple but Ae will choose the hiso guy just like Nui did

  2. Well maybe you guys should find out what happen before bashing Nui. She went on Num Gunchai’s talk show called Luang Lup Thap Tak and was asked that question by both Num and Moddum who are really good friends with Num Sonram. The game show is about whether or not you can pass a lie detector. So if anyone is to blame it is Num and Moddum. They knew she knew about the sms because Ae showed it to her so they asked her.

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