Dome and Girlfriend Part Ways

Just recently they went on a sweet vacation to Hong Kong, but it seems their love wasn’t ever lasting. When rumors broke out that singer “Dome” Pakorn Lum was caught cheating on his long time girlfriend, “Paint”. After letting the public guess if they were broken up or not, Dome came out to clear the rumors.

Dome revealed on ‘Dao Gra Jai’ that his relationship with Paint as boyfriend and girlfriend is over, but both are still talking to one another as a brother-sister. He also goes on to say that there were no 3rd hand involvements and the rumors about him being caught cheating on Paint were false. There were more personal things that involved both of them to part ways.

But does that seem to be the reason? A picture of Dome and actress, “Three” Nantarat surfaces online asking if she is the reason for Dome and Paint’s break-up?

This isn’t the first picture of the 2 that leaked, but earlier in the year there was another picture of Dome and Three. It seemed like Three was being branded as the 3rd hand between Dome-Paint, but the truth from the picture is that yes, the picture was taken from Three’s personal mobile phone, but after the musical show of ‘Tawipope’ where Dome was starring in. Like many girls who idolize their celebrities, Three wanted a photo op with Dome after the show and there was nothing more than that.

Source via Rakdara and Gossip Star

20 responses to “Dome and Girlfriend Part Ways

  1. god this guy is no good. seem like he buy women as his slaves and sold away. i felt bad for paint. she pretty but has drop out from becuz cheating. ploy was the first to get dump well that good.

  2. He is just a player. There are way too many good looking girls in the industry for him to stay with one girl for long.

  3. How about? Those girls knew he is a player. Why put yourself in that position? If you are in it. Just font stress out about it.

  4. yes dome is such a player but i think dome and ploy makes a good couple more then the rest of his girls … wish they had to stay together !

  5. i m a recent ”consumer” of thai lakorns and i noticed how many of the moviestars are lightskinned or almost white look alike-i guess some of them are even mixed with caucasian people….this is so racist and i believe thai and asian people are much more racist than european .americans or latin americans …p.s. i know how dark and mongoloid look the r e a l thai /philipine/ondonesian/chinese people so stop lieing that these lightskinned or almost white look alike stars really ”represent’ you = ))

      • really..?.that s pathetic..but i guess they ,i mean specially women, are doing it b e c a u s e this lightskinned or almost white look is seen as beautiful…and men are doing too? = ))

    • How is it being racist? Asia in general is obsessed with being light-skinned. Many centuries ago it represented being from a more well off family that didn’t work in a labor intensive field where you would be exposed to the sun. This is a matter of what Asia perceives as beautiful, not an issue among races. Also, there is a large population of naturally light-skinned South East Asians; to insinuate that “real” South East Asians are dark toned is just a marker of your ignorance.

      • Thank you. You’ve said everything I wanted to point out to miss europe… I was pretty dark before coming to the US but after 6 months in CA my skin tone changed dramatically.

      • i never said there are not lighskinned asians…but most of them are in CHINA,JAPAN, KOREA ,VIETNAM ,TAIWAN south asia like THAILAND, PHILIPINES,INDONESIA,MALAYSIA there arent much lighskinned people ;just accept the truth that the actors playing in lakorns or thai movies / music entertainment are selected from the lighskinned/mixeed with white MINORITY…I know there are lighskinned ppl in thailand or south asia but they are are a small minority!….so lakorns or thai movies/muiscal showbizz DOESN T REPRESENT THAI PEOPLE FOR REAL !

  6. to miss europe;))
    you are one very dumb person, if you think that being racist is by looking at the color of the skin, then let me rephrase you are dumb. Thailand is now known for having light skin, many men and women who live in the city is in the “Industry of movie making” and I do not think you Europeans take people who are ugly to represent the bigger picture of YOU ! There are many who are mixed, so how the HELL is that RACIST ?! before you start writing things about Thai people, it is nice to check on your dumb remarks. Or better off, stop watching Thai Lakorns, we Thai people don’t need you & your dumb mind!

    • what s the matter? the BITTER truth is painful for you thai people?…LET ME WRITE LIKE I M DOING FOR RETARDS LIKE YOU…YOU THAI PPL HAVE LIGHSKINNED PEOPLE ,OF COURSE BUT THE VAST MAJORITY ARE DARK AND HAVE MONGOLOID FEATURES AND THERE ARE A IMPORTANT AMOUNT OF MELANASIAN DNA IN THAI PPL’BLOOD!!!..!I never saw a dark or typical south east asian people in your lakorns!! don t you think, dumb thai that you are rasist to your thai people of dark skin and very small eyed(mongoloid typical features)? why aren t they playing in lakorns or movies? because you accept just the lighskinned ,the mixed ones with wihite people and caucasian look alike..(big eyes and so on)…this is racism, you dumb thai , even you you don t wanna accept the truth!

  7. Hey Miss Europe, you’re right that many actors and actresses in Thai cinema do not look like the real ethnic Thai. Thailand is a very diverse place and minorities like the Chinese and caucasians often are the face of Thai cinema, and this is not as absurd as you make it out to seem because they have lived in and are a part of Thailand. This however, isn’t always 100% of the case and there are still plenty of ethnic Thai looking people who are in Thai cinema. I happen to love my tanned skin, and so do you caucasians. Otherwise there wouldn’t be all of those Eurasian kids in Thailand, and a gigantic skin tanning industry that are produced solely for caucasians. =D

  8. Danny, i wasn t talking about tanned skin or loving or haiting tanned skin(it s not that!!..i believe the beauty is in features not in skin colours)…i was talking about the obvious discrimination of dark skinned and mongoloid featured thai ppl who are 70-80% but youalmost never see them in lakorns or movies or music entertainment…IT S USELESS S TO POINT THE DISCUSIONS IN OTHER DIRECTIONS(LIKE SKIN TONES OR TANNING:))
    Don t pretend you don t understand,i know avoiding the truth is easier
    it s was about that white mixed thai ppl are about 5% of thai population and chinese or other northern asians(who are lighter than southern asians) are 10-let s say 15% you have 70-80 % dark skinned or mongoloid featured(small eyed, very big cheeked faces,slanted eyed and so on) but in lakorns or thai media you see almost white,lighskinned ppl, mixed (with white) or asians who look”caucasian”..isn t that discrimination?
    btw i like my white skin and i never tanned it:)but you south asians (not you danny , i mean most of your people)are obssesed and can t accept you dark skin and mongoloid features and light your skin, have plastic surgery to have bigger eyes, longer faces :))

  9. When any country determines beauty based on ethnicity, color of skin, hair, eyes and shows preference for one over another, particularly a preference for a MINORITY characteristic, it may well SEEM like racism. What I believe it more shows is a lack of self esteem. IF 80 or more percent of a population share certain features – skin color, nose shape, eye shape, body size and so on, why would you want to Promote as “beautiful” the people OUTSIDE the norm? That is just allowing 80% of hte people in the country to feel inferior in some way…and this kind of preference based on light skin, especially, is usually seen in countries, ALL OVER THE WORLD, where the indigenous population has naturally darker skin, and where WHITE People -English, French, Dutch, Spanish and so on, have been in charge for a while. They are the ones who by virtue of being in power, make the conquered races feel inferior.Everyone tries to get while, marry white, etc in order to identify with the powerful ruling class. We do need to see MORE regular looking Thais in Thai movies, as the movies should tell the story of ALL the people living in Thailand, and should also reinforce good feelings about themselves in the majority of Thai people who look different from ‘white”. I have been watching lakorns for quite a while and I still don’t know what a beautiful THAI girl, of pure ethnicity looks like, because they all look mixed race to me. Hey, I am mixed race myself – black, indian, white and chinese…so I guess I am in a position to make a comment…

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