Chompoo Free’s Her Schedule to Star Alongside Poh in ‘Sai See Plerng’

After waiting and waiting for lakorn ‘Sai See Plerng’ to start shooting and rumors stating that actress “Chompoo” Araya and actor “Poh” Nuttawuth were in the leading cast, but all that had to be confirmed was from the big bosses of Channel 3. It was recently confirmed by T.V. Producer “Ja” Yosinee Nanakorn that the lakorn will start shooting in August of next year for sure!

Ja revealed the details and progress of the lakorn that everything goes right in both of the leading co-star’s schedule than they would like for them to work together.

“Chompoo liked the script for ‘Saai See Plerng’ so we promised her that she would get to be the leading lady in the lakorn, but we never had the get-go for the lakorn to start filming. As for Poh, we asked him directly if he was OK with it and he said he was.”

Source via Gossip Star

10 responses to “Chompoo Free’s Her Schedule to Star Alongside Poh in ‘Sai See Plerng’

  1. Araya has lakorn line up like crazy…she has become more popular with channel 3 more than she would with channel 7. I think channel 3 has enough stars to where each should get no more than one lakorn per year.

    One thing I like about Korean industry is that you don’t see repetitive couples and it is a wait before you see your favorite in another drama. Thai industry is like, the same face over and over again. I think a little waiting makes it more exciting.

  2. oo ive never seen poh and chompoo paired together so this is a interesting pair for me. poh is a manly pra ek too so ehh!! my kind of guy 🙂

  3. i think they did play a lakorn together. i can’t remember the name but I’m anticipating all poh lakorns because i’m a fan of his

    • I think its called, Morlum Summer, Chompoo was very young back then. If Sai See Plerng is a remake of Lalita and Willy’s lakorn, then Chompoo is perfect for the lead role.

  4. Yes I just recently finished a ch.7 lakorn with both of them together something about “bahla” por was paired up with pok n chompoo with kade (noons ex) though; pors character is kades uncle, chompoo character was poks younger sister who was embarassed that she sells bahla for a living even though it sent her to skoo overseas blah blah blah I only watched cuz por was in it; I don’t usually watch remakes of lakorn I’ve seen but I might watch this 1

  5. I will only watch because of Por. I am not too crazy about Champoo. I personally think she can’t really act. Why can’t they choose someone else.

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