Vee Takes Tangmo’s Dress Off Runway

Adding fuel to the fire of their romance rumors actor, ‘Vee’ Veeraparb and actress, ‘Tangmo’ Pattaratida (denied of such rumors and the reason Vee and former Miss Universe contestang, ‘PookLook’ Fonthip having end their relationship), but what are rumors? When the Casanova actor and the actress both attended the fashion show for ‘Slim Up High Tea Launch Party’, both walked the runway, but what was really interesting is when Vee had went up behind Tangmo and unzipped her top layer dress/jacket for her! That’s not all, but there was a surprise for both when a big cake was brought out and both who are born almost close to one another blow out the cake together…So, what are others supposed to think of this situation?

Source via Gossip Star

It might just be for work, but if I was Pooklook, I’d be pretty upset!

21 responses to “Vee Takes Tangmo’s Dress Off Runway

  1. Mo got so much done to her face that she doesn’t even look like the same person. Vee is such…

    I think they both suited each other, which in all account it’s not going to last anyway. They are doing it for the publicity. Fueling the fire is what some of these celebs does.

      • Tangmo got in a very serious car accident couple of years ago and was hospitalized for quite some time. Glasses from the car shattered onto her face. She didn’t intentionally do a cosmetic surgery. She was already beautiful naturally and didn’t do much but try to cover the scar from the wreck.

        • Honestly I am doing the math and it doesn’t match up. Compare all her pictures from the past years, it doesn’t make much sense. A serious car accident from a few years ago, you don’t change yearly unless you are still a young teen lol.

          I think she got it done, although I am against plastic surgery I am also pro choice. She made the decision, so who cares if she got it done or not. As long as they admit to it, I am fine. I don’t like Pat for that reason, denying. Admit to it and they will stop freaking asking you lol

        • A lot of celebrities get work done nowadays. They all make excuses that it’s because of medical issue or some other reasons. Tangmos had work done before the accident. She also probably had extra work done while she had corrective surgery from the accident.

          Anyhow, back to the news. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Vee unzipping her dress. Afterall, it was a fashion show. They are putting on an act. Blowing out candles together is no big deal either. Since their b-days are close together. There’s really no need for 2 cake. lol

    • I know she got her teeth done, but not sure what else because a couple of years ago, Tangmo was involved in a very bad car accident that knocked most of her tooth out and injured her badly.

    • agree, she was cute before, now with all the works done to her face and botox, good luck Mo, and Vee, never been a fan to him, so don’t care

  2. her again… i dont see it that much of a big deal. i wouldnt mind if my guy did that i mean, its only a zipper. maybe thats just me. who knows they may already broke up.

    • I wouldn’t say they are yui and tun part two since pooklook and vee had already ended their relationship unlike tun and his ex-gf where they were still lingering on to each other prolonging it for almost two years, while yui was just the third wheel.

      • Oh i didn’t mean the break up but i meant the denial. I think tangmo was really trying to mend their relationship and along the way she and vee started to understand each other. Anyways what i meant thun and yui part two because they are taking advantage of the news and making money. Nothing wrong there though

  3. I noticed that Tangmo look skinner. It’s seem like she lost a lot of weight. I think that Tangmo and Vee are just doing their job. I definitely disagree with rumored in regard to Pook-Look broke up with Vee because of Tangmo.

  4. Not a big fan of Tangmo & Vee. Never been a big fan of Vee. But really, I don’t see a big deal of this runway thing. :/

  5. tangmo could have just kept whatever that she had on the first time on…im guessing its a jacket from it had mentioned….

  6. If youre gonna take everything serious then being in the acting industry or having lovers in the industry is not for you.

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