Short Message From Tanya to Pinky

‘Tanya’ Tanyares has return back to Thailand and back to work after her little fiasco of a love triangle drama. She seems happy and glad to be back at work and reconciliation with her husband, ‘Peck’ Sanchai seems to be back on track, but when reporters caught up with the actress asking her about the love triangle scandal, it seems that’s something Tanya can never avoid.

Not only that reporters than asked the actress how she felt about ‘Pinky’ Savika accepting the leading role in ‘Tong-pra-gai-saet’ (Golden Flower/Golden Sparks Display) which seems to be suitable and repeating what happened in Tanya’s life. This is what the senior actress had to say, “If I have the opportunity to watch it (the lakorn starring Pinky), I’ll watch it. I don’t feel like it’s repeating with what had happened, but I just feel that the person who is playing the role in this lakorn is very lucky because it’s story line has development of character. It’s a very good role. Whomever get’s the role, I’m happy for them because the script is really good.”

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Can we say ‘ouch’?

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    • I agree with you.Why is she still saying stuff when people is pitying her? she should just let it go.because she says it already over.(FYI i’m not a pinky’s fan)

    • I agree with you.Why is she still saying stuff when people is pitying her? she should just let it go.because she says it already over.

  1. “Can we say ouch?”

    I don’t get it? It didn’t seem like she said something offensive or bad. She sounded like she was being very positive.

    • It sounds positive, but really we know she’s implying something else. Tong-pra-gai-saet is filled with men and Pinky being surrounded by men implies that she’s a wh0re.. well the role itself is a woman with many men.

      I guess when translated it doesn’t sound as catty as in Thai.

      • But Tanya played the character before. This is a remake of Tanya’s lakorn so if she was being catty to Pinky for the role then she would be saying it to herself as well. I think people are just trying to stir something up. There’s nothing negative in the comment.

        • I agree. I know this news is getting old but here’s a good example of how the past can really effect you and how haunting it can be. I think the media should just leave this alone and stop asking questions regarding this issue.

        • That is exactly how I feel reading it….Ppl just expect Hate from Tanya after all the Crzy drama…This answer of her is the best 1 yet…..her other were more snide comments…

    • I agree with you. It’s a good role the scrip is good when I get the chance I’ll watch it… What’s wrong with that comment?

  2. i don’t think she means anything bad or targeting pinky. didn’t she say she’s happy for (anyone) who gets the role? this does not sound like she’s targeting pinky.

    i don’t get why pinky would take the role if it somehow resembles her real life character or will reflect back to what happened.

  3. I thought tanya was saying that pinky didn’t have character? Hm, what exactly is the storyline about? I know it has like four to five guys in there but what exactly is it about? Thanx

  4. lol..It is the truth that Pinky did mess with her man! btw that’s not the point! The point is that Tanya didn’t sound like a bitch for saying that. Tanya stated, “If I have the opportunity to watch it (the lakorn starring Pinky), I’ll watch it.” blah blah PINKY FAN STOP GETTING BUTT HURT OVER TANYA WORDS! its nothing to be upset by… ;p btw I am not a fan of Tanya or Pinky! This is my opinion. What Tanya say to the reporter does not make her sound like a bitch.

  5. I don’t see anything offensive about what she said. I don’t understand why some of you are calling Tanya a bitch and catty. She’s the one who got screwed over! She wasn’t the one who couldn’t keep her zipper up or her legs crossed! I doesn’t matter because the ones that are calling her names won’t and will not like her regardless of what she says. If she said that she was happy for Pinky, then you people will say that she’s a fake-ass bitch. Besides, she doesn’t owe Pinky anything. Has Pinky publicly or privately apologized to Tanya? Well, I haven’t heard rumors about it! She said what she said and you people are still saying that she’s a bitter bitch, so regardless, it doesn’t matter what she said because you people will call her names.

    • I agree with you. I’m sure Tanya wasn’t trying to be malicious when she said her comment. But, honestly, I can’t blame her if she was getting in a jab or two at Pinky. Pinky slept with her husband knowing they were married. There really is no forgiveness after all of that’s gone on.

      I still think that Peck bears most of the blame for this whole thing, though. If you don’t want to be with someone, respect yourself and the person you made vows to love and honor enough to be upfront about your feelings. I guarantee that this situation wouldn’t have spiraled out of control if Peck had been man enough to be honest with BOTH Tanya and Pinky. I’m positive he was lying to both women.

      But, at some point, Pinky realized what she was doing was wrong and she could have stopped it. She should have loved herself enough to walk away from him. The bottom line is that in all of these situations the other woman is often ostracized more than the man is. Pinky lost a lot of face because of Peck and add insult to injury, he’s actively pursuing a reconciliation with Tanya. He doesn’t even want to be with Pinky anymore (or at least he’s acting that way).

      All of this happened because he couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

      • what is the news about them? I never heard of it, i really want to know, and Pink did really sleep with Tanya’s hubbie? How does her hubby look like? very handsome? O.O

  6. woww….. pinky is really pretty….
    i never consider her pretty… first time….
    but shes beautiful…better than me

  7. Tsk tsk tsk…and after all that commotion, she goes back to the douche bag! Well deserved! You know…you feel bad for her and then she keeps going back to him.

    • Tanya isn’t back with Peck but they are being civilized to each other for the sake of their child. Peck may be trying his darn hardest to win her back and he may in the future if he proves himself but for right now, she’s not back with him. Did you expect her to hate him and publicly scorn him? That’s now what good parents do.

      • Yeah…good parents don’t teach their kids to put up with cheaters either. And yes, I expect her to hate him. You mean, you wouldn’t hate someone who’s screwed you over and over again? If do, you must be a saint. To not have any hatred against someone like Peck is almost impossible.

        • Maybe its hard to hate the father of her child? IDK I am not a mother. But I think what she is doing now is fine. I dont think she has to be scorn like that forever. Its not healthy for the child.

          • I’m sure she hates him, but she’s not making it public…which is a good thing.

            Just can’t stand that people are making her to be an angel…such a forgiving person. That she’s willing to put up with all that crap from peck for the sake of her daughter. No…it’s cause she’s not over the bastard. I hope “reconcile” in her case merely means to be civilized and peaceful for their daughter…not to eventually get back together.

  8. Well, I’m not on anybody side but it’s hard to forget in regard to what happened between Tanya and Pinky. It’s easy to forgive but it’s definitely hard to forget.

    • LOL!!!!!!! You are acting like it’s you Pinky did wrong? It has nothing to do with any of us. It’s not your place to forgive or forget. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong because I don’t know the real truth. I think we sometimes forget that we don’t own those celebrities. Pinky could care less if you, me or anyone else forgives her. The same with Tanya, she doesn’t care we pitied her or take her side. I believe that it’s not our place to pass judgements because some parts of the story doesn’t make sense to me.
      In show business nothing is what it seems.

        • I think you also missed the point. she just wants the commenters to stop going overboard.. when they used words like whore, bitch and slut. It’s just not right.

          • But she reply to Debbie’s comment. Debbie didn’t call her a whore, bitch, or slut. She didn’t even make any negative comments.

  9. What I find ironic is that Tanya used to play the role in that lakorn, and now pinky is playing in the remake. Kind of like how pinky’s just taking what was already used by Tanya…

  10. wow, this is crazy!!…if pinky is surround with mens in this one, then are they trying to put on the act that pinky resemble as the nang’ek in this lakorn as a B*??/…..but anyways, i think she’s a perfect match for it, guys will love to see it!

  11. I’m so tired of people giving bad comments about Pinky, none of you really know what happened with them. You are not Tanya so get over it and stop calling her a whore or bitch. I guess there is so little scandal in Thai showbiz that you guys have to keep going back to pinky. let her be, you all act it’s your place to judge her.
    If it was in Hollywood people would’ve move on to the next scandal already. So move on and let her leave her life they way she wants to.
    As for Tanya, if she wants to be bitter then let her. It’s her right just like it was for Jennifer against Angelina Jolie. But in out society, the men are never to blame, how is that fair?
    Until someone shows me real proof that Pinky is the reason for their marriage to be over, I’m still going to keep an open mind and continue to support her.

    It’s show business, nothing is what it seems.

    • We don’t have to be Tanya to see Pinky as a whore or a bitch. All we have to be is part of a society. Why do you think it’s worst to be condemned by society then it is by the person you wrong? People in general care more about what society thinks. If she didn’t want society to condemned her then she wouldn’t have done what she did. It doesn’t matter what was going on in Tanya and Peck’s marriages, the point is Pinky is an outside person who allow herself to come between them. It would be different if Peck actually divorced Tanya and marry or have a desire to be with Pinky. It didn’t happen that way, he didn’t want to divorce his wife and Pinky was ok with being his sideline mistress.

      You’re over here supporting Pinky because you like her. No matter what type of “proofs” are shown or release you will dismiss it. It’s your right to not see her as a bitch because of your biased as it is our rights to see her as a whore cus of ours.

      • Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? you just wrote an answer telling me saying that I need to chill out but you don’t sound chill here. You didn’t even understand my comment or Gigi comment for that matter. You just keep ranting about her being a whore and bitch.

        What I was saying that it’s not right to call anyone a whore or any other name because whatever happened between Pinky and Tanya.

        Why do we judge people so much like it’s our rights to do it. I’m not Tanya or Pinky fan but I don’t think the comments are right, No matter what pinky or any one for that matter.

        • I underestand perfect what you wrote to debbie but its you who dont understand debbie. Debbie wasnt talking about herself forgiving or forgetting but u are assuming that she is and ask her who is she for pinky to care or to forgive. Talking about a black kettle, you yourself is judging us right after preaching about how we shouldn’t. Yeah ok.

          • telling you not call a woman a whore is judging then I’m sorry. That’s judging you ask yourself something if someone go on a site and calling you all the names you call Pinky, how would you feel? I know you would never do what they said she did. You can dislike that’s fine I don’t care

            If you think I’m judging you or Debbie but if you go back and read your comments and some other ones about her then tell me that’s not wrong?

            All I’m saying is just because she’s public figure don’t give me, you or anyone else the right to call her those degrading name.
            Do you know how many girls in the America killed themselves over people calling them these names?

            I’m taking for pinky but there are ways we can comments without going over the line. Again sorry if you think I was judging you!

          • Judging is PART of HUMAN NATURE/HUMAN Conditioning….we all do it…we all talk SH*T, there no way there it is NOT done…I myself dun see it soo horrible…Judging Pinky..?? i see it as Labeling…I understand what you mean because I myself CAN be SELF -RIGHTeous….i dunno if u r or Not…but i know i am, I tell ppl all the time, who are you to judge, just cuz some1 else does it doesn’t mean u so…so on so on…I learn though that yes everyone has a right to judge we all do it, I DO IT, THOUGH I try not to but it’s kinda hard, it 2nd nature for us Human…doesn’t make her judgemental…the way I see it…”TO EACH, THEIR OWN” correct…

        • Judging is part of human nature. Every one has their own opinion and perception of other people. Is it nice to do it? not all the time, but those who says don’t judge others, probably judge other people the most. If it looks like a dog, sounds like a dog, then of course we will think its a dog.

          Not saying this directly that you are those type, just saying there are those like it.

          • No problem, I agree with what you are not nice but we do so, we can try not to, with good intention, but we will do so one way or another. That why I don’t think anyone should tell anyone if they can or can’t judge…my post can be confusing…but I was just trying to say what you are saying with more Words and confusing…what you wrote in simple short sentences was what I was trying to convey..

  12. Good luck Pinky!! Despite all negative names many neitzens threw at her, she still managed to come back regardless. No doubt this drama will bring all the attention both negative and positive. I’m not fan of Tanya but it was sweet of her to say that though we know she feels otherwise.

    • I don’t wish good luck on her at all!!! All the negative things people say about her is true!! That is who she is!!! A whore and a mistress. She may be beautiful on the outside but she is so ugly on the inside!!!

      • Really do any of you has any proof that she had an affair with him? That’s why I like Hollywood because they always have hard proof to back out their accusations. They know they could get sue by the stars so until any of you show me hardcore proof showing that she slpet with Tanya’s husband then I’m not gonna called her any names.
        By the way let me makes something clear, I’m not a fan of Tanya or Pinky. I just think you guys so quick to condemn Pinky without pictures or videos or calls proving they were doing something questionable.

  13. Oh well. Pinky is a Whore!!! Smile in their face and go sleep with their husband behind their back. Whore!!!!! She is fitting for the role that’s why she got it. I can’t be nice like Tanya, I would have bitch slap pinky if I saw her !!

  14. Let’s just say Pinky will forever be labeled a skanky whore. You know why people are not talking smack about Peck because he is a nobody in the Entertainment circle. Just a rich horny old bastard that happens to be married to an actress and had an affair. Pinky never denied anything if you go back to read all her interviews and watched all her oral interviews.

    And since someone brought up Angelina and Brad… Despite them being talented and kind hearted people, Brad is a douche bag and Angelina is a homewrecker. Hollywood is definitely not Thailand. Hollywood is not an excuse for being a third wheeler. Just because I or some have not mentioned Peck doesn’t mean I or some place the blame on Pinky alone. It
    takes two to tango.

    • I think you need to do more research when it comes to Brad and Jennifer marriage. Him and Jen had an agreements to start a family meaning having kids or adopting them. But after 10 years, jen felt like her career is not the same as Brad, she didn’t have a blockbuster movie even-though she’s been in the business for so long. They were in process of being legally separated before he went to shoot Mr & Mrs Smith, that’s why they went on vacation to see if they could work it out but Jennifer still didn’t want Kids and Brad was already 40 and he wanted Kids. Before he left they were separated, the public just didn’t know about it. That’s what Jennifer aniston told Oprah in an interview so How is Angelina Jolie a home-wrecker? When the marriage was already doomed to begin with.

      I understand that he should have waited for his divorce to be final before going after Angelina but he said that he fell in love with her son and that’s what he always wanted. So don’t put all the blame on Angelina or pinky because these women didn’t a gun through the men heads and said leave your wife for me.

      Stop always putting the blame on the women because in pinky case if she really did do it then it takes 2 to have an affair not one.

      • I absolutely agree.

        Even for non-celebs…how often do you see woman blaming the other woman for their failed relationship or marriage? If you’re marriage was good in the first place, how is it that another person can easily intrude? Most of time, it’s not just you doing the blaming, but everyone else around you too. I think it’s best for those women to sit back and evaluate their relationship rather then waste time being angry at the other woman.

        So I hope that some of you are right in that Tanya is only making peace for her daughter and that she actually took the time to reflect on her marriage. Hopefully, she’s come to realized that Peck isn’t for her and as much as she wants their marriage to work, it just ain’t gonna.

      • Who said I was putting the blame on the woman? And like I said they will forever be labeled as these titles and that is the honest truth. There are still talks about Angelina being a home wrecker. I guess I could have done a better job at phrasing my second paragraph. Although they are not at fault completely they are still responsible for their actions.

        • I agree with fun. Its like, some of these celebs put themselves in a scandal and their fans expect people to just not criticize them for it. I’m sorry, but if you give us reasons to think you’re a whore or homewrecker, you’re going to be labeled/titled as one.

  15. well, i feel pity for both , Pinky & Tanya. The one i wanna kill is that douche bag. The media and fans should leave them alone, are they in miserable enough?????

  16. Pinky and Peck had a so call “brother and sister” relationship that I, with no doubt in mind, believe went too far. But was it as far as most people are claiming that Pinky is skank, slut, whore who couldn’t keep her legs closed? I don’t think so. There is no proof. What has been released to the public isn’t convincing enough to label Pinky as those derogatory words. If she was all of the above, she’d still be messing with Peck. Just my thought.

      • If she was as thick-face as people claimed her to be, she’ll definitely stick around.

        Pinky is definitely wrong here due to her involvement. Peck and Tanya also played their part. People are either on Pinky’s side or Tanya’s side. All 3 of them are to blame.

  17. So what if people call celebs a whore or a slut? We as fans or spectators should be allowed to express our opinions & how we FEEL about these celebs. Otherwise why bother reading these petty gossips & having a comment box? I mean, can I freakin’ be HONEST & say what I think?! Just because someone gives an oppinion & it differs from yours doesn’t make theirs any less valuable. If thats how they feel, then let them express that. So what if it hurts your feelings cuz they’ve insulted a celebrity you like LOL.

  18. Anyway, I don’t think what Tanya said up there is anything mean or spiteful, in fact, its actually positive. I think people misinterpret what she said & tie it to a previous drama…& tend to over-analyze things. But even if she were to suggest Pinky being a whore, I’d agree because she’s right. Pinky always seems to be boy-crazy, like how she just randomly breaks up with Aum, & then trying to start something with Songkran (good thing he chose Aff- class over trash lol), & then has some kinda thing with a married man. To top it off, she does a lakorn involving many men… o_O Yes indeed, it fits her VERY MUCH.

  19. @ CedA, but why was Pinky calling Peck late at night? What kinda business does one have to contact a married man like that, and hang up when his wife picks up? O_o Why keep things secretive if its an innocent brother-sister relationship. Didn’t Peck also buy her things? A car? lol And then he tells his wife he’s gonna leave her for the other girl… Pinky definately put herself in a mistress position, that itself is whore-ish behavior & disgusting. She shouldn’t have been so involved with a married man like that. I don’t doubt that they had sex cuz Pinky seems like a promiscuous girl, but of course, no one is ever going to admit to that lol. Whether Pinky slept with Peck or not- she was still messing around with a married man…& thats what makes her gross. At least to me. Anyone else can be her fan, not my concern lol.

    • From all your comments, you are acting just like the people you disagree with. You sound so mad, it’s not that serious. It’s your right to call Pinky whatever you like, like you said they are celebrities but you have to keep in my mind that people might not be okay with it. according to some of the comments I read here, I don’t think some of the commenters are fans of Pinky, they just think that some people went over the line calling Pinky names. Like you wrote, it’s their opinions you shouldn’t sound so mad because as you said we are just spectators.

      • “It’s your right to call Pinky whatever you like, like you said they are celebrities but you have to keep in my mind that people might not be okay with it.”

        Who cares if people might not be alright with others saying what the want? This is kind of where the bickering began. Naive, you’re naive. Why? Because you’re a contradiction to yourself. I think this is where this Kat persondid get annoyed. I would do. Some of you people lack logical sense.

        • Apparently, some people care. Isn’t it obvious? Well, who cares if they care. Kat just cares enough that they care, to be annoyed. What is so logical about this? Where in Naïve’s statement did she contradict herself?

          • I wasn’t annoyed that they cared nor was I angry at anyone. I was just making points to ALLOW people to say what they want, and y’all assumed I was mad O_o If anything, its hilarious lol.

          • I’m aware that some people care but this is what I want to address: who gives a damn if they care? I guess this is what that Kat chick’s message was. You know how she was trying to endorse freedom of speech? Hmm there’s the logic. As for naive, I’m pretty sure I quoted where she contradicted herself. She stated it’s your right to call Pinky so-and-so but “som people might not be okay wit it”. That’s where the contradiction is. She’s saying go ahead & say what you want but at the same time saying some people might not like it. Thus, is she trying to encourage peoples’ rights or shun it?

    • “Pinky seems like a promiscious girl…”

      See…speculations & personal opinions usually affect peoples ability to make a fair judgement.

      • ^ but isn’t pinky your idol? that makes you lack fair judgment too cuz of your bias. you refuse to see pinky in a negative light, which is fine and dandy except it makes you a hypocrite :p

        • Proves my point about not being able to question the validity of these so call evidence without being labeled a “Pinky Fan.” I’m not gonna waste my time explaining to you why I’m not a Pinky or Tanya fan.

          I suggest you read my other comments before making such an impulsive comment.

  20. @ naive, someone brought up a point about something, and me as a spectator, rebutted it…especially when it had to do with the contraversy/differences. What’s wrong with that? If people say things that seems emotional or rude, they have a right to…as fans of the celebs or thai entertainment. And no one should be trying to preach about judgments…this is a thai gossip site for christ sake. Comments are open for how you feel ABOUT THE TOPICS/CELEB not how you feel about ppl’s rude comments lol. Thats how things get off topic & then you have arguments about if you’re allowed to give an oppinion and crap. Anyway, back on topic. I’ll admit that I am indeed mad/upset with Pinky because I *was* a fan of hers, but because of her foolish whore decisions it makes me dislike her…A LOT. & this is where I’ll express it. This isn’t a serious matter in my personal life obviously, but in regards to thai entertainment & drama- this is a SERIOUS matter cuz it applies to who I’m a fan of & not a fan of.

  21. Don’t try to hush people on how they feel about a celebrity. As fans/ex-fans, they have EVERY RIGHT to judge celebs. And don’t feel too sorry for a celebrity, because they’re still rich & live a very good life. The most it would do is make her not so idolistic and favored…big whoop. If any celeb kills themselves because of negative opinions of them, then they needa get the heck out the entertainment industry! But most celebs are prepared for this, hence why Pinky is still smiling acting like nothing happened LOL.

  22. @Kat, again you shouldn’t be mad if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion. You keep saying that you have the right to say whatever you want, shouldn’t it be the same for other people? I wasn’t trying to shut you up, I know you’re all emotional about Pinky not being perfect anymore but you should accept that some people probably not vulgar as some of the commenters.

    I never once said in my comment about you not having the right to say whatever you want, I just said that you don’t need to be offended if someone don’t share your opinion. What kind of would we live on if everyone share the same opinion?

    I think before you carry on about you have the right to say whatever you want, read my comment first because I was not trying to censor you.

    • Wait a minute here, WHERE did it show that I was mad at anyone here who has a different opinion than me? O_o @ CedA? Ughh… lol I believe I was questioning the points she made about Pinky not “necessarily” being a whore or whatever. I wasn’t mad at CedA nor anyone who’ve expressed their opinion, in fact, that’s the very thing that I promote. Are you trying to call me a hypocrite? Because no where did I try to suppress anyone from their thoughts. I only rebutted them & challenged their points…there’s a difference. See how this is getting off topic? If we’d just discussed about Pinky & Tanya and what we think about their issues….then maybe we’d get somewhere in regards to how people generally feel about these celebs. Don’t try to preach to people about what they should or should not say…because some people feel that she’s a whore, and who are you or anyone to tell them to not say it? I rather people be blunt & honest than sugar-coat sh*t. I’m sorry that some people are tired of people calling her names, but she gives them reasons to lol. And don’t give me that “no one’s perfect” crap…I’m not aiming for her to be perfect, just sensible. And she def WAS NOT.

      • Haha! You seem angry now.

        Choose to believe what you believe. I’m simply saying I don’t believe it was that extreme or as elaborative as people made it.

        • What makes you girls think I am angry? Because I type some letters in CAPS? LOL that’s merely to stress my points, don’t be so presumptuous. That’s quite funny with the Tanya comment, I could very well say the same…are some of you sure you’re not PINKY getting so “annoyed” & defensive because she was called a whore? lol

          • No, not because you’re using all CAPS. I tend to do that too when I’m really trying to stress a point. However, you literally sound defensive and very annoyed. A little hypocritical eh? You’re telling people to don’t do this and don’t do that, but you’re doing exactly just that. Like you’re telling me to not be “presumptuous.”

          • I’m probably annoyed because some of you girls lack common sense lol. Ever tried to explain logic to a wall? That’s how it feels like. :/

  23. Kat, you either miss the point but Bias was trying to make, go back and read her comment because she never you have to censor your comments before you go on a rant please read the reply first and then answer. She didn’t say anything to get that answer from you.

    Just chill, its not that serious. Peace 🙂

    • I’ve been chill. Pardon me if the way I type & express myself seems bitchy/hostile lol, but I was merely saying no one, including Bias & others, should be suppressing anyone’s thoughts, even if name-calling arises. Some people think Pinky’s a whore, some think Tanya’s a bitch- deal with it lol. That’s all I was trying to say, and Bias was trying to school me about allowing CedA to express what she wants- which I did (I didn’t tell her she couldn’t think that, unlike some who tells others to not say mean words, boo-hoo lol) I just questioned CedA’s objectives because it was debatable. So how is that hypocritical? And its kinda hard trying to understand Bias when her grammar is quite fobbish & she flip-flops back & forth with her points. O_o

      Anyway, it would be best to get back on topic, and people, try not to get so butt-hurt if someone says something offensive about your favorite celebrity. 😉

      • “And its kinda hard trying to understand Bias when her grammar is quite fobbish & she flip-flops back & forth with her points.”

        Wow…and you’re really trying to stay on topic huh? Really though…girl, just chill.

        • @Kat, I don’t think your grammar is anything to brag about. You’re so off topic, it’s not even funny

          You went a little too far by attacking Bias. She was never disrespectful to you so why are you all of a sudden attacking her?

          Practice what you preach, girl

          • Some of the things I say or think may be a lil too rude & blunt, but it’s just my immediate response to how I feel about something. These are just words and can easily get misinterpreted, so I’m not even gonna bother explaining or bickering anymore, it’s just too trivial & some folks lack comprehension.

            I’m just gonna remind some of you that you’re on a GOSSIP site that airs out celebrity’s drama…DON’T expect many people to be cordial/polite with their response or opinions, most the time it will be negative. You should expect this and shouldn’t patronize them or preach about being righteous/non-judgmental because this site itself is all about that lol. That is all I’m trying to say. Everything else is irrelevant.

        • cedA, Yes I must admit Kat’s a bitch haha but I guess that’s just her personality. Why are you broads saying she’s being off topic but yet you’re the one pin-pointing the most irrelevant statements out of hers? This just goes to show how petty arguments begin. Then again, I’m just a bystander lol 😛

          • Because Kat wants everyone to stay on topic, yet she’s going off topic. I was pointing that out to her. People can talk about whatever they want. It’s an open forum. I’m not telling people to stay on topic. She is. Hope this answers your question.

          • I only went off topic when someone suggested I go re-read Bias’ comment. I wasn’t trying to make a personal attack, I was just saying the truth; she was a bit too fobby to comprehend.

          • Are we here to talk about Tanya & Pinky or Kat? I feel as though her statements sounded generally the same as the others who spoke bad of Pinky. Yet, I don’t get how she’s the only one being targeted.

          • And are you not talking about Kat too?

            If I remember correctly, she was picked on once (who doesn’t, it’s an open forum), then she started with her personal attacks…then the rest just kinda jumped in. Then it kinda went off from there…

          • Umm all I said was I admit she’s a bitch. That’s all. Nothing else. But it’s just that I get the impression everyone is hopping on a bandwagon to address Kat. It’s starting to get old, man.

        • How I interpreted it, she’s saying exactly just that. It’s not like she’s telling Kat not to. Kat doesn’t seem to understand why people are annoy with her and I think Naïve was giving her two cents about how people may get offended. That’s just what I think. I may be %100 wrong.

          • How I interpret everything is she probably doesn’t seem to care if people are annoyed or etc. with her opinions. Just be honest with what you got to say & you guys don’t seem to comprehend that. I’m assuming that’s why she got frustrated.

            Naive should’ve conducted her message more clearly. Failure to do so makes one look stupid- which is what I like to point out in here. Stupidity harbors from ignorance & to be ignorant means you’re ignoring logic.

      • Wow , wow, Ok, I’m neutral about this matter but reading through Kat ‘s attacking words, or PREACHING people, or I can say, the more you say about this matter, the more people ‘re gonna pity for Pinky. Why??

        Tanya already got settle down for THE MONEY MATTER, public views are more on her side, She’s more famous than before, well, not her talent, but her problem, that’s fine,

        Though she unlucky had a bad husband, HE ‘s RICH and SHE Got PAID ,
        if she got married a POOR GUY, and that POOR GUY cheated on her, till ended up Divorce and NO MONEY or FAME FOR HER AT ALL.

        At least she and her fans should thank GOD for this .

        For PINKY, her life will be labeled as ….uh,,,,, home wrecker or whatever You, KAT and somebody keeps calling her for. Her career is in difficult stage, her personal life, i bet, in a miserable situation now,

        WAIT, WAIT, don’t jump in and tell me “SHE deserves it” , that’s a B.S.
        No body really knows the true bts,

        when people are already falling down, if we don’t give hands to help, should we have a pity for them. or just ignoring them. and PINKY has got tons of cursing/bashing/attacking already.

        my point is, If TANYA really did what she said before, Suing that ugly SOB and Pinky, i ‘m more respect her than now,

        at the end, THE MONEY still can buy anything huh, even DIGNITY, so don’t preach people how to behave and have Justice for TANYA, b/c no she ‘s more lucky than tons of women who have POOR CHEATING Husbands.

        I know we ‘re on on a GOSSIP site, and it’s so fun to read people cms, But it’s not fun anymore when reading the Bitchy attacking from people like you, KAT,

        even nobody can see our face b/c we ‘re hiding behinds the computer screen, but We are what we ‘ve said .

        Enough said, No more cms on this person.

        OH, Wait , SORRY, i got tons of Grammar spellings , OH , yeah, WHO ‘s effing CARE.

        • Let’s be clear, I wasn’t preaching to anyone about anything other than promoting freedom of speech. This is where I think some of you lack comprehension.

          And in regards to who you pity more or less, it doesn’t matter to me, because that wasn’t my objective in the first place.

          Concerning the topic, I’ve already expressed my opinions that didn’t think Tanya was being malicious with that comment, and even if she was, she would be right because Pinky is a skank/mistress whatever you wanna call it. And if you feel even more sorry for her because people feel this way, then that’s good for her, she’s gonna need the sympathy. However, I dont feel sympathy for her. And lets be clear again- I’m not a Tanya fan…I’m an ex-Pinky fan. I use to think she was nang-ek material, now I don’t anymore. If some of you are offended by that, I would say deal with it…but since some of you are so sensitive, I’ll apologize for being honest & expressing my opinions. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing it in the future lol, as I said, freedom of speech.

          • I’m Sympathy, but not for Pinky nor Tanya,
            ONLY FOR YOU, KAT,
            FREEDOM OF SPEECH, by keep whining and attacking same thing over and over again, LMAO

            I bet most of us coming to this topic don’t even care what word you ‘r gonna use to attack Pinky or Praise Tanya anymore, I can see you freely express your Freedom of speech in another Pinky’s topic, i ‘m sure you will do it over and over again as your job or duty as well, good job though, i must say. We don’t get offended by your harsh words to Pinky, but we annoy your enthusiasm to your freedom of words. That’s all i can say, lol
            what i’m doing here, said to myself relying 1 time only for an ex Pinky fan like you, but i still have to rely 1 more time, Hey, i’m not looking down on you, I only can catch the Freedom of Speech well as person like you,

            MAY I say it again, I Sympathy for you, really really!!!!!!!


          • edit: for my grammar spelling,

            “only can’t catch the Freedom of Speech right as well as a person like you, ”

            “MAY I say it again, I ‘m Sympathy for you, really really!!!!!!””

          • Ho HO HO, I still have grammar spelling wrong, what should I do? KAT don’t use it to attack me , ok, please be sympathy for my second language

            If you do, I’m effing care

          • LOL are you okay? You seem to be spazzing out over there. O_o I can’t really understand what you’re saying not only because of your grammar but you just simply sound like a babbling fool.

            In any case, I’m gonna take this moment to point out that some of you shouldn’t be angry at others who criticize Pinky, because she represents herself that way & gives people a reason to criticize. Perhaps some of you should render that frustration at HER for making bad decisions. I feel like some of you play a blind eye to everything or are just in great denial of her questionable actions. But, whatever.

            TTH, I don’t know what’s wrong with you but its unfortunate for your mental lapse. I hope you do get better. lol…

          • okay, I don’t mean to butt in, but I just have too. @kat I find it so funny how you keep repeating yourself how some of the people here are too naive to “comprehend” your point of views, but you can’t even making it out that @TTH is making fun of you, can you “COMPREHEND” that? lol
            So there’s noting wrong with his/her mentality state of mind.

            I understand that you’re disappointed in Pinky I am too since I was once a fan of hers, but it seem to me that you’re taking out all your angers on anybody that doesn’t feel the same way as you. You do sound angry and it’s not from you typing in CAPS. If you go and reread some of the stuff you wrote you come off as an angry person before you got into an disagreement with others. So, therefore it’s not others fault for misunderstanding you. It’s your fault for not making it clear, like somebody mention above your grammars is nothing to be bragging about. You want to act like you’re more superior then others by keep repeating that some people here are too dumb to “comprehend” what you’re trying to say or too fobbish. No offense you sound like a 12 years old trying to sound smart. I don’t mean to sound like a b*tch again I’m practicing my freedom of speech (no pun intended, lol) but I’m so annoyed by you keep repeating yourself constantly about others are too naive to “comprehend” your views.

            @TTh I don’t think Kat will ever understand what you’re trying to do…lol

            “MAY I say it again, I ‘m Sympathy for you, really really!!!!!!”” hahah

          • I’m open-minded to the fact that not everyone’s gonna agree with me. I was aware that everybody is entitled to their own opinions &, in fact, I welcome and promote that, so why’d you girls keep assuming I can’t stand anyone not agreeing with me? Honestly, I can care less LOL. I keep repeating it because many of you can’t, or doesn’t seem to, understand that. And that’s where my frustration lies…not because people had a difference in opinion lol.

            It started with CedA giving her opinion on the Pinky matter, then I refuted her logic of the validity of Pinky being a whore or not. I think this is where people assumed I was not allowing CedA to voice her opinion, hence Bias coming in trying to tell me let her say what she wants, when I believe I wasn’t even telling her she COULDN’T say that lol.

            As for TTH lol, I’m well aware of her attempt at sarcasm, but I guess it was so poorly executed that she sounded like a babbling idiot, so I had to poke at her back with an insinuation of a mental lapse. I’m sorry you took my indifference so literally.

          • You said that ” you have to poke me back”, Look like you were barking at any body who’s made nice cms to Pinky. LMAO, really waste my typing for THIS MADLY IDIOT, LOL

          • uhh… ^ she didn’t really attack everyone who said nice things about pinky, she just replied to ceda’s comments. then every pinky fan got offended lmfao

  24. When I read Tanya comment. I don’t see that she looking down on Pinky. She stated that the lakorn has a very good role and script. Tanya played this role in the past so if she implied that Pinky is a whore that mean she is also. The media just want to stir up trouble so they have something to write about. They need to leave them alone and them live their life.

    Some of the comments I see here are rude to both Pinky and Tanya but more from Tanya fan then Pinky fan. I don’t understand why some people take this scandal so personally and can not forgive or forget. It looks like Tanya is moving on with her life. Some people are so quick to judge that Pinky is wrong. All daras have dirty laundry it just that some could hide it better than other. When I watch a lakorns I don’t connect the real life personality of the actor/actress to the role that they playing. I’m watching for how well they can portray that character. There is no need to be name calling. If you don’t like the actor/actress then just don’t follow their work. I don’t judge Tanya or Pinky because we really don’t know what is going on behide their scandals. All of the leaks that came out are not enough to say that Pinky is guilty. But who know she could be innocence or guilty. Only Pinky herself would know.

    I think Pinky is a good actress so I will follow her work. Can’t say much about Tanya because I never watch her lakorn before. Anyway, good luck to both Pinky and Tanya!!!

  25. Hmm just because Kat sounds like a real bitch doesn’t mean she’s not making sense. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. There’s something called freedom of speech. And all the points she (I’m going to assume that Kat’s a girl & not some flamboyant gay guy lol) made were pretty reasonable. You just got to take in what she stated & stop taking things up the ass. The point she’s trying to make is that just because some people are labeling Pinky a whore, you people are like “That’s so mean, you don’t know what really happened , blah blah blah Personally, I think she’s a tramp. Think about it: a woman who’s messing around with a married man. When the media tried to question Pinky, she would always avoid answering. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that she’s fucked up. I’m assuming many of you guys never heard the leaked tape between Tanya & Pinky. That’s evidence enough. At the same time, although Tanya is handling te love-triangle drama gracefully, she is still naive & dumb for still staying with a guy that wasn’t faithful to her. Oh yea, and I agree. Some people’s grammar sucks so bad in here that it is a little difficult to understand their point… if they even have one.

      • I hope you’re not talking about me cause I don’t give a crap about what people are calling Pinky. I’m just saying what I’ve seen so far is not enough for me to call her that. You on the other won’t stop crying about “freedom of speech.”

        • Well, that “freedom of speech” allows everyone to openly discuss about things and not suppress people, right? So much that you are enjoying this spectacle, so be grateful for it. And I was referring to everyone who whined about people being too mean, if it doesn’t apply to you, don’t feel insulted.

          • Kat,
            While we are in the topic of “freedom of speech”, how far are you allowed to take it before there is a backlash? Nowadays, many people take Freedom of Speech to a whole different level; they can be crass and disrespectful and many don’t care if they insult others in the process. Freedom of speech was created in this country(USA) to allow people to give their thoughts and/or opinions on how they felt our government should run – better known as democracy. Which is why the founding fathers fled Europe because they didn’t want dictatorship nor the fear of persecution if they spoke out against the government/religion.

            For instance, tabloids can publish anything they want about a celebrity but they also can get sued by that celebrity for millions. In other words, freedom of speech wasn’t created for people to hurt each other. I think any freedom goes as far as it can without infringing on another’s freedom.

            In your case, I think that your issues have nothing to do with Pinky. Did a pretty girl tried to steal your man? No offence but your hatred for Pinky seemed a little too personal.

          • Wow, wow, this ex-Pinky fan , Kat , till whining the ” Freedom of Speech” . Such an Annoying Bitch, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Enjoying your whining Bitch,

          • @ Reija, what I’ve said of Pinky were the same others have said as well; I said that I think she’s a whore/mistress (due to the reasons speculated) & don’t really sympathize for her. It’s just my opinion of the whole thing, nothing personal for me or towards Pinky. So I don’t know why’d you assume anything. Would it be fair if I assumed those who stood up for home wreckers are home wreckers themselves, therefore having some sort of bias? It wouldn’t be right now, would it? Lets not assume because once we do that, we’d make asinine of ourselves.

            I think some of you, or a few of you with basic common sense, knew where I was getting at with that freedom of speech. That’s why there are sites like Dirtii-Laundry, PerezHilton, TMZ, and other various sites that are allowed to be up…and you’re here obviously to read up on gossip, dirt, or share your views on it…uncensored & uncut. So, basically, why would anyone feel baffled by negative comments when you should actually be expecting it, especially if it’s pertaining to contraversial topics? I didn’t wish death upon Pinky, or hope she gets beat up, or say anything else that’s deemed as “attacking” her- I’ve only said what was already aired out in public, and my opinion of it all is, she’s a whore. Am I not allowed to think that? No, rather, am I not allowed to SAY that? I absolutely am. And THAT’S my point in “freedom of speech.”

          • Kat, you do make valid points but I think what people are trying to say is just say things a little bit more nicely because DL isn’t as crass as other sites. You kind of do have to sugar coat your words because people will get offended and you’ll have a swarm of bees attacking you lol. Just my advice.

  26. I bet if there was valid evidence that Pinky indeed slept with Tanya’s husband, you fans would still disregard it. My reason is because you people are biased. In conclusion, as much as Tanya speaks kindly about Pinky regarding the love-triangle drama, those of you would still scrutinize Tanya & call her a fake ass bitch or something. Or even if she did have something not nice to say about Pinky, you’d call her a bitch anyways. Notice how it doesn’t matter? Some people just need to start thinking sensibly. I’m no Tanya-lover nor do I give a crap about Pinky but I do like to voice my input.

    • I’m glad you pointed that out, “if there was valid evidence.” The thing is, to some of us, especially me, what has been revealed so far is not valid. It’s all one-sided. Yet, some of us can’t even question that without being call a Pinky fan. The moment you disagree, you’re label as a Pinky fan. I’m not speaking for the die hard Pinky fans because there are those who careless if she’s home-wrecker or not. They support her, regardless.

      I already have my opinions about Tanya way before the Pinky-Peck-Tanya saga started and that didn’t make me think any different of Tanya. I never agree on how she would put with her cheating husband. But, I wouldn’t go as far as calling her a bitch or a fake either. She has plenty of reasons to react the way she’s reacting or handling the situation. However, her decision to stay with him (before Pinky came in the picture) and her actions during and after are also reasons why she’s in this mess.

      • I think that conversational tape that Tanya recorded between her & Pinky was enough proof to display that Pinky was messing around with her man. It doesn’t really take a rocket scientist to see that.

        When I mentioned valid evidence, let me give you an example. Let’s say she made a porno with Peck. Would people still idolize & respect her as nang-ek material?

        • If you read my earlier post, I never doubted there was something going on between them. There just isn’t enough to prove they actually slept together. I remember Tanya asking if Pinky loved him…I thought she should have been more aggressive with her questioning.

          A potential sex tape? I don’t know. I can’t answer that cause Pinky’s my idol.

          • Indeed I read your earlier posts. You stated that it’s not as elaborate as people claim it to be. That’s not the point. The basic point is it doesn’t matter if she sexed him or not, the focus is she still f*cked around with a married man. To complete the cherry on the sundae, she knew it but didn’t care. Personally, I think that’s very immoral of her. Is it not?

            Thank you for involuntarily proving my purpose in asking you that question B)

          • Well that’s clearly not my point. Of course that’s very immoral of her. I’m 100% with you and most people on that. My point is I simply disagree and I’m questioning the exaggerated and elaborated stories told by numerous commentators, netizens, fans…etc. based on what I’ve seen and read so far.

          • Yes I see your point. You might be thinking something along the lines of “It’s not like Pinky confessed to the press that she truly slept with her husband.” Of course, nobody wants or will admit to doing such a thing. Nevertheless, the fact of the matter still stills the same: she’s a doxy & a mistress (for coming between a married couple that also has a child).

            You renounced yourself by stating how you wouldn’t know how to answer my question regarding how Pinky fans would feel if she made a sex tape/homemade porn movie etc. with that Peck dude. Then you admitted that Pinky is your idol after claiming you wasn’t a fan. A fan, an idol- aren’t they in the same category? So hopefully you’re not biased & close-minded. Being biased impairs you to accept or take in anything negative over the one/thing you favor.

            Anyways, I’m done here. Farewell.

    • I’m not on either sides, but reading all cms from that ex-Pinky fan, Kat, to Pinky, Tanya and others here, make me to give my cms here a lot, ha ha ha ha ha .

  27. TTH, do you realize that everytime you post something, you don’t make much sense? 😡 I mean, I try to read what you’re trying to say, but it’s difficult. Please don’t get offended. I just want you to be more clear in your points. At least CedA & I have a point in our statements.

  28. with that kind of reputation…why would pinky do a lakorn with many men??? not a smart move on her part… but then she hasn’t been making many smart moves lately… lol

  29. Ahh I certainly agree with you, Annie. My opinion is that she doesn’t have much choices & so the industry has to give her hoe-ish roles. You do the cause, then suffer the effect.

    “It is an enduring truth, which can never be altered, that every infraction of the Law of nature must carry its punitive consequences with it. We can never get beyond that range of cause and effect.” -Thomas Troward

  30. I enjoyed the biggering here girls. I don’t understand why some people need prove what Pinky did or did not had affair with Peck she is a home wrecker period. The pregnancy test she is try to disapprove that she is not pregnant is the icing on the cake for me that proved she sleep around, She did slept with Peck. Couple months aga she went to the hospital to get preganancy test to prove to the media that she is not pregnant, now why would a girl need to do that all she she need to do was stood there and tell the media she never have any sexual relationship with any man so therefore she is not pregnant. haha
    Invite the media to the hospital got blood work done I thought is pretty pathetic attempt to even make fool out of herself.
    Pinky is a WHORE and Pinky fan is pisssssss off she hasn’t land anydecent job since she fucked up. LOL

    • Hello! There is a thing call abortion. Knock knock anyone home. If she did the dna test right after the do call rumor or flying off oversea. Then we she is innocence. But there is no innocence to the so call brother and sister relationship.

    • LMFAO! Ewwww I didn’t know about that pregnancy test, this confirms she had sex with Peck, gross!!!! Pinky fans are still in denial LOL at least when we call her a slut, it’s the TRUTH.

      • You know what, if all these whore rumors about Pinky weren’t true, why didn’t she just sue the reporters since it obviously is ruining her career & reputation? Instead, she runs away to India & comes back hoping people would forget lol. If I was a celebrity & going through what she went through and I was innocent, I’d sue anyone spreading false rumors about me – the same way Aum Artichart is suing reporters for saying he’s gay.

        I think Pinky doesn’t sue because those rumors are true. She never admit she slept with Peck but she never denied it either. She only tries to avoid it and hope people forgive her lol. What a shame.

  31. Oh my lord!!!! Everyone so serious n funny abt it lol. Takin sides. N what not. I think it’s cause of u ppl so called fans that’s keeping the bs alive for them that’s always stirin the flame. What an entertainment. Bravo to everyone^^.

  32. but have u guys notice that every lakorn coming out happens to be a itch that takes other ppl’s men…LOL…and her new lakorn with Fluke what happen behind the GF is jealous because of her behavior…LOL…because pinky is a iche…hahhhaha….i hate her

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