‘Namcha’ Uses Twitter to Backlash at ‘Kong’ Karoon and ‘Taew’ Nattapon?

Another celebrity feud brewing in the works? When actress/singer, ‘Namcha’ Chiranat had broken up with her former boyfriend, ‘Kong’ Karoon, both had came out to say that their was no 3rd hand involved and that their break-up was mutual, but it looks like Namcha’s twitter has a mind of it’s own when she tweeted to her ex boyfriend, “I wish you well with that person. From now on we don’t know each other.” Not only that Namcha tweeted Kong again saying, “If you didn’t ask, I’ll give.”

But what came as a shocker was when she tweeted to actress, ‘Taew’ Nattapon with the words, “Go ahead.” Which left many to speculate if Taew was the reason for Namcha and Kong’s break-up?

Source via Gossip Star

14 responses to “‘Namcha’ Uses Twitter to Backlash at ‘Kong’ Karoon and ‘Taew’ Nattapon?

  1. I thought Taew already had a boyfriend whom she has been with for many years? Did they broke up so or something. All these love stories. 🙂

  2. Wow, Namcha is really childish for that! What happened to privacy…isn’t that what every celebrity claims they don’t get enough of? I saw Kong tweeted “Good job u did by throwing this huge pile of Shit at me, great ;)” and he also said a lot of stuff like “what comes around goes around”….

    • Namcha has always been very childish and that’s why they fight all the time. They have been off and on for a while now. Kong have mentioned many times that Namcha always throws a fit about everything and it’s due to her young age.

  3. another bitter bitching broke up. If it’s already done, Why to bother to tweet the ex and his new lover for this matter? Moving on girl

  4. Oh wow I didn’t know Namcha had this side of her. I do like a few of her songs, I think she needs to get some tips from her future aunt-in-law, Ann Thongprasom. I would be embarrassed if I was Namcha. You know there’s something call a email, or a phone call or even a text message. As nosy as I am, learn proper manners. If she keeps up with this, it’s her loss.

  5. I wonder if Taew was the one Moddum was gossiping about. The gossip was an actress whose name starts with a T from a popular channel who always play her character very well and give us tears actually is very fake. He even said she broke up a couple and that the girlfriend found them together at his house. Could be or maybe it’s someone else.

      • lol fun, could be that or it could be that Kong got tired of being second best to her. I mean she was releasing albums after albums but he is getting no where with his music career. Jealousy can sometime breakup a relationship. There’s so little gossip about these two that we don’t really know what happen.

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