Images from ‘Kade’ Tantup’s Engagement!

It seems like actor, ‘Kade’ Tanthup is taking a step into the wedded bliss path of those in his generation as the actor is now engaged to his girlfriend, ‘Nat’ Premika. As for the dowry money it was reported to be as much as 10 million baht (aprox.330,250.63 USD). Guests that attended the engagment ceremony ranged from those inside the entertainment business and those outside of the entertainment business to congratulate the couple.

Congratulations to the future groom and bride.

Source via Gossip Star

13 responses to “Images from ‘Kade’ Tantup’s Engagement!

  1. Thanks for a new post. This comment has nothing to do with Kade’s story but I wanted to leave a message for DL. We miss your frequent updates. Thanks to Arissaya too. : )

  2. She appears to be older than him. Kade at that age still has a baby face. But then again you can see wrinkles around his eyes. Congratz to the couple. Hopefully he stays faithful to her.

  3. he looks like someone at mehh school…..
    everytime i see him…. he always reminds me of the guy at mehh school…. ugh….

  4. my cute baby is finally getting married! I AM SO HAPPY. he can be happy now! is she from a rice family? why is the my so MUCH???

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