Celebrities Love Instagram

It seems that the social photomedia app for the iPhone/iPad/iTouch, Instagram is finally a hot commodity in Thailand as we see many celebrities use the social photomedia app to update their fans on their little everyday life when they’re not on screen.

You don’t have to wait no more for paparazzi photos of various daras and their sweethearts to get a glimpse of them out and about. Daras themselves will update you on their current situations and give their fans a special glimpse of their life and who they’re currently dating. Forget respecting their privacy! They’ll let you invade it for free!

Source via Sanook

Have you been following and keeping up with your favorite celebrity?

27 responses to “Celebrities Love Instagram

  1. mario and gubgip have been “friends” for 8 years…the only two friends i know who would celebrate their 8 years of friendship with cake a balloons…

    • I believe she’s his girlfriend now .. it was made in the news and he also confirmed it in one of the Philippine show where he said something like “My girlfriend understand my fame and she’s happily supporting me with all the fans i have oversea.”

  2. I lovee Mario and Gubgib ! They are my favorite alongside w/Vicky&Chai. Vicky posts the cutest pics of her and Chai !

  3. Gggubgib

    And more but I’m getting tired

  4. wow..it’s GubGib..she looks different..maybe it’s the power if instagram..hehehe… i like woonsen’s pic, poor p’krit, okay, at least he still shows his sunglasses…but the last pic..who are them? i can’t recognize them…

  5. Nearly all of them are on Instagram, including Ron, Susie Susira, Bow Benjawan, May F., Ice Apissada, Araya, Sara Legge, Alex Randall, Kimberley, Taya Rogers, Cindy Sirinya, Ann Alicia, Janie, Ploy Cherman, and Natalie Davis.

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