Reporters Lose Face! Chakrit’s ฿50 Million Wedding Home

It seems that reporters are good at reporting, but it might even be better if they can backtrack and find out full evidence clearly also, but it seems that a certain press site lost face when they reported the future wedding home of actor, Chakrit Yamnam. Worth ฿50 Million (aprox. $1,663,893.55 USD) and waiting to be the wedding home of his and now girlfriend (or future wife), Woonsen Virithipa.

Chakrit came out to deny that the house in the picture isn’t his and the architecture for his home is yet to be finished, but the estimate value of his home is about the same price range.

Source via Sanook!

9 responses to “Reporters Lose Face! Chakrit’s ฿50 Million Wedding Home

  1. Lucky for Woosen. Look like Chakrit is serious about marriage. I guess it’s about time because he is not getting younger but older. I’m happy for Woosen because look like they both have meet their soul mate. Nice plan Chakrit.

  2. She’s kind of cute…I’m not going to be believe that he’s going to settle down until a wedding picture is presented. He might have cold feet the last minute.

  3. I got to say, Jungleheadman and Yumwoonsen make a great couple. It is about time our JHM settle down and have a family!

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