Move Aside Pinky, The Real Golden Spark Is Here!

‘Tong-pra-gai-saet’ (Golden Flower/Golden Sparks Display) is set to air in November on Channel 8 and marks as the first returning lakorn for actress and scandal headliner, “Pinky” Sawika Chaiyadej. Alongside Pinky will also be starring, “Oil” Thana Suttikamol, Fluke C-Quint, Johm Sugon, and “Tack” Paranyoo.

After posing in over 10 shots of photos with the leading actress, it was turn the leading men focus their attention somewhere else!

Seeing the pose of “Kong” Bpiya with the leading men, it seems like Pinky will be left in the dust because “Pink-Kong” does it better dramatically!

Source via Gossip Star

It seems like RS has a thing for scandalous headliners as they are taking a chance with “Pinky” just like they took the chance with “Film”.

Is anyone excited to see “Pinky” return to the television screen?

35 responses to “Move Aside Pinky, The Real Golden Spark Is Here!

  1. Hey, they’re missing one person!!! What happen to Asadawu or however you spell his name. He was in the fitting or interview but is missing from this photo shoot.

  2. I’m glad she’s back. I mean I don’t really care for her scandals, but I like her acting. She’s a pretty good actress, and when she’s on screen, scandals doesn’t really matter except for her ability to portray her character.

  3. i can’t believe they’re putting her in a lakorn with these men. not a fan of her, before or after her scandal.

    • Thata right! Everyone does some really bad thing once or twice in their life. No one is perfect. She didn’t deserve all that!

  4. It is a role suited for her, what better role to start out then to be in one where she has plenty of men. She can’t play the innocent role anymore..who would believe her if she plays the goody girl.

  5. Don’t like Pinky except for in Dao Bpra Sook but I love all the guys in here…one of em actually looks like my uncle, LOL.

  6. Haha reallie she is going to return w/ a lakorn like this? isn’t “Golden Flower” a word use to refer to prosituties? Yes RS is quite stupid…they “let go” or Lydia for being too scandolous but keep Film and Pinky around? please…well in that case Film and Pinky can hook up and be right for each other

    • I am not a Lydia fan but I thought that was pretty messed up. Actually RS is a messed up company anyways. Look at all the celebrities they are housing right now haha. There’s quite a handful of their artist that cannot sing!!! coughFilmcough boy should just stick to acting.

  7. Happy your back Pinky!! Look forward to your comeback lakorn in November. No doubt this lakorn will popular for both negative and positive reasons.

  8. never been a fan of her b4, her scandal was more fun to me than her lakorns..i’m nuetrel…i won’t watch cuz i never cared for her

  9. people these day who hate pinky believe in every thing about the scandalous i believe these problem was cause by tanya tanyares and her husband which is really stupid by hurting other people reputation. i use to be tanya fan but not no more until this problem. i’m not pinky fan before since i saw wong wein hau jai i was really addict to it becuz weir and her make good couple. i hope everything will be settle down so that she can return back to ch7 not other channel. also stop with that stupid scandalous these people like to twist thing up. hope pinky stay strong and popular like before im her fan from usa will support her. Also i don’t know how to speak thai but i understand and my nationality is thai/khmer/chinese. really kind of silly when giving out my background.

  10. I’m glad that shes back cuzz i love her acting…i dont watch thai lakorn much now cuz there are no nang ek that i like( like pinky) good acting, dancing, singing.. in the lakorn that she did when she cry i really like to watch it cuzz her eyes are so beautiful..GLAD THAT SHES BACK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH….I’M SO HAPPY…AND I DONT CARE ABOUT HER SCANDLE CUZ NO ONE KNOW THE TRUTH WHO CAUSE THE PROBLEM…MAYBE IT MIGHT BE PECK…CUZ HE SHOULD KNOW THAT HE HAS A WIFE ALREADY….

  11. I think they gave her this role because she’s known as a skank now, and of course she accepts cuz she is one LOL. Can’t deny it anymore & she’s probably just gonna embrace it. Plus, I bet she WANTS to be the center of attention from 4 or 5 guys. Get your slut on, Pinky! However, I won’t be watching/supporting skanky nang-eks.

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