Janie Introduced Pancake to the Hi-So “Market”?

Actress, Janie Tienpohsuwan denies she is playing matchmaker for rival channel actress, “Pancake” Khemmanit with wealthy men, the ones in the same group of friends of her wealthy boyfriend, “Tum” Sirikiat. Janie sustains that she doesn’t know Pancake on a personal level and came out to deny the rumors out in public …you know because it’s not true.

“I don’t know Pancake on a personal level.” (Has anyone contacted you to get you to play matchmaker with Pancake?) “There has been no one who mentioned this name. I am confused because it’s not true at all and there is no need to clear anything up (laughs). I’m happy that I don’t have to play matchmaker for anyone…”

Source via Gossip Star

18 responses to “Janie Introduced Pancake to the Hi-So “Market”?

  1. I don’t think Janie have personality like Pancake. It’s normal for Janie trying to dated someone wealthy because have no history like Pancake going from one man to another. At least she found someone who is divorced or single unlike someone star dated someone else husband. So please don’t be to judgmental toward Janie. At least she is clear in regard to scandal news. I’m happy for Janie because she finally found someone.

  2. Janie is always in denial. You can have the proof smack her in the face and she still say she doesn’t know anything. Queen of denial, I would say.

    These girls are nothing but about the money. They want to maintain the lifestyle and be in the circle of the rich. Whether the guy is ugly or unfaithful all that does not matter. As long as the guy, at the end of the day can shoved them with enough cash, they are all good. It’s sad, that they face their value on that.

  3. OMG! I think Janie is dating this guy for money. Definitely, just look at him, I don’t know him on a personal level but he is not attractive at all. And what is wrong with these celebrities, just work and save. Work, work, work, and save! They don’t need to be a desperate gold digger. They have the beauty and brain, they should learn to use them. Talent, hmm……that’s another story.

    • LMAO? r u serious lol? janie is a famous actress in Thai now. u know actress? she is not a middle class or upper middle class, we can say she is a weathy class woman. she has money. y would she dig money from that guy? u know, some actresses married to some ugly guys lol, but they love each other, so what can every1 says. some handsome actors married to some ugly girls. If u look carefully, they r good in their own ways. so i dont think Janie is a golddigger. unless she digs ur gold be4 >.< 😛

  4. Lol I cannot stop laughing at those that are making assumptions. I like Janie, who says she cannot date a rich man. I say as long as he’s single or single again lol don’t compare her to Pancake. Plus commenting on his looks just makes you shallow.

    • SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! i loooove how people just KNOW what is going on in Janie’s life. people, if you don’t like her, then just say so. no need to make assumptions because you have NO idea!!!!! just because he is ugly doe not mean that she is after him for his money. i hate to bring other people’s name into this but look at noon…. she is with Todd and he is NOT attractive and he is wealthy! i dont remember anyone saying anything about them. and they ended up getting married.

    • Agreed!

      I was just thinking that all these commentors are the snobby side characters in lakorns that we all hate. The ones who look down on the n’ek and call her dirty and gold digger just because she’s not hi-so.

      Who says hi-so’s can’t fall in love? And don’t we hate all the statuses and get angry when n’ek or p’ek in lakorn gets judged for their class? If we all hate it then we shouldn’t be acting like such!

  5. I feel people are funny, Why janie or anyone can not date a wealthy man??? as long as he ‘s single , that ‘s totally fine. Who doesn’t want to have a wealthy life. And for those who say she always denies, why she has to agree whatever reporters or rumors go to her? you hate her b/c she can date a wealthy when you can’t , please, stop hating wealthy people just b/c they ‘re rich than you, and don’t have the looks, just b/c she dates a hi-so then she ‘s being the target for anything. Stupid and shallow people., It means she ‘s supposed to date a poor man or somebody ‘s handsome in order you guys can praise her.

  6. I’m not rich nor am I poor, what I am is very…very comfortable. Stupid? Absolutely not but shallow (agree that I am) LOL

    I would say, these celebs would not give theses guys a second look had it not been the money. If he was just an ordinary guy walking down the street they wouldn’t even blink an eye but with money attached to them of course it’ll be a different story.

    JMO as those have theirs…if you don’t agree with mine so be it. 🙂

  7. How old are you guys that make these comments about dating someone ugly? You must be pretty young because when you are older and more mature, you’ll find out that looks don’t matter. When I was younger I felt that looks were important but when you are older you will realize that a good heart is so much better, regardless of the money they make.

    • AMEN! i’ve never paid attention to pancake but now im slowly starting to. Shes pretty but i just hope she can work more on her expressions. looking forward to her lakorns

  8. Does it really matter if she’s dating a guy for his $? She’s seriously not committing a crime — and most likely, those guys are well aware and they don’t care as long as they get an actress on their arms!

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