Film Rattapoom; More Scandalous, More Famous?

After dispelling his misfortune with his scandalous ‘baby daddy’ drama and fleeing off to England, “superstar” “Film” Rattapoom has become the interest of the public all over the country, up to the point where the whole country wants to know the DNA results of ‘Nong Teekayu’ and when the results will be revealed.

It seems like “Film” is fortunate that his record label, RS Promotion hasn’t kicked him out or “let him go” despite his scandalous drama. Even after returning back from England, his company has prepared him work after work for the long run with lakorns and music in hope that “Film” can regain his name (and himself), but those who are to make the judgments is the public and if they are willing to give him the chance.

We might have to let time tell and prove if “Film” is “superstar” potential. No matter how scandalous he seems to get, there is no way he can be thrown down. Just like so many male and female superstars out there who are scandalous, but are still standing in the industry for more than 10 years.

Source via Sanook!/Gossip Star

10 responses to “Film Rattapoom; More Scandalous, More Famous?

  1. Why would RS Promotion let go of their money making cow machine if his scandals aren’t hurting him. Believe me, if his scandal ever gets so bad that money isn’t rolling in they would drop him with no regrets!

  2. i just read quickly…… dont really care about FILM….too much scandals….and also not mehh TYPE of guy…. ughh?!?

  3. LoL superstar material? oh goodness they’ve been trying since ’05 RS i think its time to invest your time and money elsewhere

  4. because of money we can buy everything we want but we also should know that money can’t but your character or manners

  5. I like Film as well. This baby daddy drama isn’t even his fault, why are people so mad at him? What if the baby isn’t even his lol.

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