Pooklook admits being distant from Vee; confirms no 3rd hand involved

Sometimes, things just have to end… like the relationship between beauty queen Pooklook Fonthip Watcharatrakul and casanova pra’ek Vee Veeraparb Suparbpaiboon. Both have been in the news for fighting for some time now. But recently, Pooklook came out to confess that her love life is not the same anymore and admits that they have separated. As for the reason, you’ll have to continue reading to see what she says because there have been rumors that actress Yok Tanyakul Tonkitanon posted on her twitter saying that she will “steal him back.

Recently, there’s news saying that you broke up with Vee already?

“Whenever it’s not a big problem, I just usually say that everything is ok and we are just arguing like normal. This time, it’s at the point where we have to back up out of the relationship to think about many things.”

What is the reason for separating?

“Honestly, I thought of many answers before this (laughs). Well, it’s a lot of reasons, but it doesn’t revolved around just one reason. One reason is that I’m growing up and thinking more about the future as an adult. p’Vee is a good guy. In the past, he’s always taught me to look at my future. He’s taught me how to live my life in the entertainment business and has always done many things for me.”

Did the problem come from a nang’ek with her name starting with “T”? And is it from Yok Tanyakul as well?

“I’ve already given an interview about this. If there is a woman that took p’Vee away from me, I will be ready to leave. But I can assure you that my decision to separate from him to think about some things has nothing to do with a 3rd hand. If anyone has any evidence about a 3rd hand, please tell me. I will be ready to say that word. But the reason for today is not because of a 3rd hand. I’ve made my decision, but it is not the right time to say certain things right now because, living in this business, I’ve learned that whatever you say you can never go back and change it.

During the time that I spoke with p’Vee about this and before I came out to tell the press, it has been about a year. If one day things change, I want to use this time to think and see if I’m ok with my reason. Or, if there are still things that are bothering me, I want to find an answer as quick as I can. Then, I will tell you guys.”

What is it that Vee doesn’t have for you?

“p’Vee has everything for me, but the thing that he doesn’t have enough for me is attention. What I feel is enough, but I also know that p’Vee is giving it his all. We see each other a lot. It’s not about him going out a lot either. I know all of p’Vee’s friends.”

Who made the decision to separate?

“I was the one who decided to back up and think about many questions. p’Vee probably thought that it was time for me to do that as well. I’ve asked to do this many times in the past, but the time span of asking for time and space to think about things have been a long time. p’Vee has tried holding me back and asked for the reason, but I believe p’Vee understands my reason.”

Will you guys get back together in the future?

“I don’t know what the future will be like, but this is the right answer. It’s good for both of us. I think this will be good for me and p’Vee.”

There’s news that Yok Tanyakul posted on Twitter saying that she will “steal him back”…

“I don’t know about that because I didn’t see it. As far as I know p’Yok, she seems truthful. She talks to me like a younger sister, that’s what I don’t know because I didn’t see the message. I have good feelings towards them all.”

During the time that you are separated from p’Vee, do you guys still communicate?

“We didn’t see each other and we didn’t communicated either. We’ve been separated since after my birthday. Right now, our relationship is not the same.”

Are you sad… hurt?

“I’m probably a straight forward person and usually confident in what I am. When I decide to back up, there is no such word as sad. We’ve been separated for 2 weeks now.”

Source: Daradaily

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