Lookkade wants baby #2; misses the catwalk

Being MIA from the industry for while to take care of her family and son, nang’ek and model Lookkade Metinee Kingpayom was recently seen taking her son, Nong Sky, to watch a play called “Keu Kasinrien Bubble Show.”

Lookkade revealed that her son is easy to take care of and is not bad. She also adds that her son is in preschool now. Right now, the mother is one also mentions that she is planning for a #2. She says that she’s doesn’t care whether the second child is a boy or girl. She also adds that her and her husband Edward are working on their homework.

As for work in the industry, both modeling and acting, Lookkade admits that she does want to come back to play in lakorns and also mentions about missing the catwalk. However, the mother of one says that all in all, she is happy being a mother. She also wants to thank everyone that misses her.

“Nong Sky is easy to take care of. He’s cute and not a bad kid. He’s always happy. Right now, he’s about 1 1/2 already. He’s starting to talk and is going to school now. He’s currently going to preschool.”

Have you guys planned for a second one yet?

“We want to have another one. Right now, we are just waiting for the right time and doing our homework. It doesn’t matter of the second baby is a girl or boy, but being that I already have a son, I want to have a daughter too. We are also consulting the doctor as well. We go to get check ups to see if my husband and I are healthy. We are trying.”

Do you have any work right now?

“I do… probably during the time that I’m not pregnant. Right now, I’m open and ready to play in a lakorn. As for modeling, I have some, but I’m not ready to go full-time. I’m still having fun being a mother, but I do miss the catwalk. I miss it when I see the younger models on there. Sometimes I even think I’m too old.”

Source: Daradaily

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