DJ Krit and Aump Patcharapa dating?!

Before this, DJ Krit gave out an interview saying that he is currently dating Aump Patcharapa. At first, we thought that this was just a little news that these two were just flirting, but as for the interviews that superstar Aump Patcharapa Chaichuea and DJ Krit gave out, it is more interesting than we thought. It looks like DJ Krit is out to win Aump’s heart!

No matter the case, the queen of sexy Aump Patcharapa is still keeping mum about her relationship with Krit. There’s not movement from being just friends to anymore more, even though there is always news about them going out openly together. Aump admits that they are going out to places together, but they are not thinking anything towards each other. However, she is still bold enough to say that they drink out of the same glass.

Superstar Aump decided to be straight forward with us, even though we all know that is one of the qualities that she’s always had. But as for the statement of drinking out of the same glass, we can say that the relationship between “Aump-Krit” are close with time being the test.

Before this, Krit came out to clearly say that he is currently dating Aump, but doesn’t know if she will accepting dating him.

Source: Daradaily

12 responses to “DJ Krit and Aump Patcharapa dating?!

    • lol, i didnt hear about anything news of her new man and as for girls y would she keep the old relationship to ruin her new relationship? lol
      as the Queen of Sexy, she knows better what not to keep and what to avoid and move on 🙂

  1. Didn’t Krit leave Marsha after spending millions of her money? I believe he still owes her $5 mil. Totally not a good match for Aump!

    • wow..i hope he doesn’t date her just becuz of money..i really hope p’aum would get a good guy…but this guy isn’t bad..really better than her ex, offense XD

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