Chompoo tweets “I want my face to look like Oil Saruta”

CATFIGHT!! Ever since Oil Saruta announced that she used to know Nott Witsarut Rungsisingpipat during a talk show, nang’ek Chompoo Araya A. Hartgett fought back by saying that she doesn’t care about the past, that she lives in the present, and doesn’t want to play any games. Now, this throws the ball back in Oil’s court!

Oil replied by saying that she never thought that those words would ever come out of Chompoo’s mouth, especially from a nang’ek that is loved by the public. Sounds like this problem is not going to end easily. Recently, Chompoo posted on Twitter saying that

“I want my face to look like Oil Saruta”

making many people confused. After posting that message, Chompoo also posted that

“It was done by an unconsidered frind of mine without myknowiedge nor my consent. My deepest apologise to everyone involved in this matter”

I would like to sincerely apologize for a massage which was tweeted thru my personal twitter account on early last saturday morning.

Source: Daradaily

13 responses to “Chompoo tweets “I want my face to look like Oil Saruta”

  1. Omg, I would be soo angry at my friend if she did that.
    It’s not even funny -.-
    Esp. when Chompoo is under the public eye.
    Goodness. Now she has to deal w/this crap too

  2. Oil is OVERREACTING, esp about Chompoo saying she didn’t want to play these games. Chompoo’s words were smart but Oil seems upset that Chompoo didn’t really fight back with something immature -_-

  3. I don’t understand the tweet. What does that mean by wanting her face to look like another person? Did she tweet in thai?

  4. I bet Chompoo did it and say it was her friend
    another Dew-Maple but at least golf was cute
    they fighting over this ugly dude

    • Yeah there are alot like that here.. Even though they are half
      they have lived there whole lives here
      but the ones with good English go to international schools
      so u can tell the difference by the way they speak

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