Chompoo doesn’t want to talk about Oil

We’re probably going to have to wait and see how this story goes because it looks like it might be going to the courts! The quarrel between sexy actress Oil Saruta and hot nang’ek Chompoo Araya A. Hartgett heated up after Oil Saruta showed signs of dislike towards Chompoo’s press conference where she apologized about the comment posted on her Twitter by her friend. After interviewing Oil, we got the feeling that she was going to take it to the courts and sue Chompoo, so we couldn’t help but ask Chompoo about the matter.

“About my opinion on Oil’s interview, I probably don’t have one. However, I did see her interview. I also had something to say, but I already said it. As for suing each other, we’ll just have to wait and see. Right now, I’m just living in the present.”

Will you guys call each other to clear the matter?

“I’d rather not talk about it. I admit that this problem is stressful, but it’s ok because it will pass. No matter what, lets just say that it’s life is test.”

Source: Daradaily

17 responses to “Chompoo doesn’t want to talk about Oil

  1. These ladies celeb just as crazy as one the other. The argument started because of the guy. Gosh, fighting over a guy seemed like a new thing. The fact that some of the rich “boys” are as ugly as hell yet the money they have covered all their flaws. It’s such shame.

  2. From what I have been following this news, I say this Oil girl started because she said on the Luang Lub Upload Show that she and Nott dated. Then Nott came out to say that they never dated but instead she dated with one of his friends. All of a sudden, this Oil girl comes out and say she NEVER said she dated Nott but know each other instead. which she DID say they both DATED. Then the reporters just asks Chompoo about how she feels about the news that Oil used to date Nott. All Chompoo said in general is that it is the past and she is just living in the present. I think the reporters just twisted the words around and made it a huge deal of it. But in all, i dont think this has to do with the Nott at all.

    • The huge deal was when Chompoo indicate that she is better and superior to Oil. Chompoo’s words were pretty sharp, if she had just left it as “it’s in the past, everyone has a past” then all would be well.

    • I follow the news as well and yes you are right, Oil lied alot lolz. How can she lied like that knowing that she is a celebrity and that show she was on is shown everywhere in thailand and youtube off course. Alot of people will not believe anything she says after they watch that show lolz.

  3. Taking her to court over this is just plain childish and stupid. The whole back and forth is childish and stupid. But I do believe that Chompoo knew about the tweet. Personally I think she had her friend do it.

  4. If you listen to Araya respond it does comes out like she is better, sometimes Araya does comes out looking snobby. But, hey, if you are pretty, talented and has a rich boyfriend I guess the sky and moon is the only limit.

  5. I saw the interview with chompoo
    & reporters kept asking her over and over & she kept saying
    let’s not talk about it
    I don’t want to talk about it
    but they kept trying

  6. they got nothing else’s to do except chase the ass-h rich boy because they wanted to get rich quickly. therefore, when they got marry with these motherfucker it didn’t last for a year, they will end up to divorce. Anyway that how Asia were face are more importance than things else. fuck both of them. stop chase his dick, whores.

  7. Oil is making bank. she is getting interviews from a lot of shows for this issue. she is embarrassing herself. she is about to go on Woody Gerd Ma Koei (Woody Talk)…I hope Woody show the clip of her saying she and Nott dated…

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