The one business that celebrities want to do

Even though being a celebrity is one of the jobs that many people dream about because of all the fame and pay from their jobs, you wouldn’t believe that many celebrities themselves actually want to take on other businesses just in case one day the entertainment business changes. But what kind of business is it that they want to do? We’ll just have to hear it from them…

Toomtam Yuttana Puangklang or Toomtam The Star 7… “a restaurant because I like to eat at good restaurants myself. If I have the opportunity to open a restaurant, my mom will love it. I want to do something like this. It would probably be a restaurant focusing on foods from the Isaan region (Northeast) that I’m used to. I would probably make it into something more modern in today’s style.”

Singto Singraton Junpukdee or Singto The Star 5… “I would do an Isaan restaurant. It’s something that my family is already skilled at. I want to expand it to make it bigger. Right now, we have a plan so once I’m done with the lakorn on stage, I might do it.”

Oh Rungrawee Parijindakul... “I already have a business. It’s a cat farm. Right now, we are looking for 5-6 males and females breeding cats. I wanted to do a cat farm because I’ve taken care of cats before. It’s really beautiful and makes you want to hug them. The price isn’t too important, we just sell it around the same amount as the market. I started the business for about 2-3 months already. We don’t have baby cats yet. We only have the mother and father breeding cat.

Rita Sririta Jensen… “I dream of being a designer. I want to design clothes for men, tuxedos, etc… I love fashion and everything about it. I love everything from underwear, outerwear, wallets/bags… everything for men. I want to design a brand.”

Charm Onwarin Osathanond... “I would do a Bhutan Tour because I’ve been there before. I know people there too. The point is that our world has so many things to discover and see. I’ve explored the natures there and I want other people to experience it too.”

Source: Daradaily

14 responses to “The one business that celebrities want to do

  1. Very nice article DL 😀 Many celebrities do go into business as their side jobs…not too fond of that cat farm though lol but everyone else has good ideas.

      • No one wants to buy a cat…they can just get one for free. Haha. Unless of course you donate to Animal Shelter by adopting.

        • lol You’re so right. They can save one from the streets. So really, it sounds like a horrible idea.

          I also don’t support selling animals for profit or selling animals period. *sigh* And I guess this includes your own kids LOL

      • I agree she wants to start a cat farm, like are you serious? Are there not enough abandoned animals and animals without a home in this world. We’re overpopulating them, we’ve reallie got ourselves a problem here and now she wants to raise cats just to pop babies out of them to sell? i really disagree w/ this bus. idea of hers

  2. This was a fun article. I know that there are lots of stray cats & dogs, but that is because their owner lets them roam free then they breed or the abused kind of animals. I think her idea is interesting. There are people that breed horses, dogs, and this cat thing is a new one to me. A “farm” is quite a bigger scale so I’m not too sure, but it is interesting. There are many different breeds of cats. Some people only want a certain kind of breed. For instance, they want a cat, but one that doesn’t have too much hair. I know some people that got this one breed of a cat and it looks like a cat tiger. I think it was around $200-$400. There was this one family that owned a half lynx cat. It was big and scary. There are people in my neighborhood that have a Masters in breeding horses. Another person in my town is extremely wealthy from selling his best horse’s sperm. It is an interesting business indeed. One thing for sure, one has to know what they are doing. Also I am sure there are specific laws on breeding them.

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