Film complains about regretting Janie; new lakorn

We haven’t heard from the young singer-actor Film Rathapoom Tohkongsub for a while, making us wonder what he’s been up to nowadays especially with the issue regarding him and Annie Brooks. However, there is recent news of superstar singer Film complaining about regretting co-worker and friend Janie Tienpohsuwan. Film revealed that this is because they would have been working together again as an on-screen couple.

Nang’ek Janie Tienpohsuwan would have starred in the lakorn “Jao Sao Mua Nim” with popular pra’ek Film Rathapoom. However, we were able to talk to Janie a few days ago and found out that she denied the role. We were also able to interview Film on the set of “Bunteuk Ruk Superstar” on his opinion of the lakorn and what he thinks about the news of Janie denying the role because her boyfriend  Tum Sirikiat Wattapookana told her to.

“I don’t know how things are now because I’m not involved in the decision making. From what I heard, I do regret it. If I were able to star alongside Janie, it would be good. The fans would have been able to watch a fun lakorn.”

Is Janie trying to avoid you by denying the role?

“I don’t know, we haven’t talked. I’ve been so busy lately working everyday.”

Are you sad that Janie denied the role?

“Not at all because she’s been working hard. I understand that she probably has difficulty in dividing her time for this lakorn.”

What do you think about the news saying that Janie’s boyfriend, Tum, won’t let her play in the lakorn with you?

“Really? That, I do not know. If we have the opportunity, I would like to work with her. Right now, as far as I know, I am still playing in that lakorn. As for the nang’ek, I do not know who will be starring. Ever since I came back, they have changed it many times. At first, they said that they weren’t sure, and now, they still aren’t sure. Nothing is for sure.”

Right now, are you and Janie still friends?

“We are still friends, but we haven’t talked because I’ve been busy with a lot of work. She doesn’t even have time to call her friends. As for me, I still contact my friends from out of the country. But that’s it. I’m also doing a new album too.”

Source: Daradaily

12 responses to “Film complains about regretting Janie; new lakorn

  1. I’m glad Janie reject the role. I never thought they were a good couple in the first place. He looked a little young for her.

  2. they can lie all they want, but she definitely did it cuz of her bf and things between them are certainly not the same anymore! i don’t know what janie saw in him in the first place; maybe just an old fling lol anyway, even though i liked their second lakorn, i don’t like their couple. she looks better with mature looking guys.

  3. lol, If i was Janie, i would definitely reject the project as well. totally understand when janie doesn’t want any more scandal , i think it ‘s her decision , but b/c she has a BF. so media tries to drag that guy in . Even though Film and Janie have made a beautiful couple in their last lakorn, but i support her for this decision. I feel Film really likes her, lol, poor guy, b/c you are famous and still, your scandal with Annie hasn’t resolve yet, any thing he does would create news, good luck Film, hope their friendship still ‘s in

  4. i don’t know why but when film is interviewed his comments makes me roll my eyes

    “We are still friends, but we haven’t talked because I’ve been busy with a lot of work. She doesn’t even have time to call her friends.–she is on twitter every day!!

    dude just admit it..she wants nothing to do with u now..

  5. I am glad Janie rejected this role because it won’t be good for her image and scandal could come. But I feel sad for Film…it looks like he really likes her lol.

  6. Stupid.. This is want you called a true friend. I want nothing to do with Janie. Just because he had a rumors and she believed it?? even though they were kind of like friends before? this is kind of mean

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