Wedding Pictures of “Bua” Sarocha and Fiancé, “Tum” Pipat

The younger sister of former singer and actor, “Beam” Kawee Tanjararak is heading down the wedded path with Fiancé, “Tum” Pipat on the 11th of November, 2011. Former actress, “Bua” Sarocha and “Tum” gives us a glimpse at their pre-wedding pictures in Melaka, Malaysia.

[Source via Rakdara]

11 responses to “Wedding Pictures of “Bua” Sarocha and Fiancé, “Tum” Pipat

  1. Beautiful pictures….the one in front of the church has gotten to be the most beautiful. She has gotten prettier.

  2. I’m from Malaysia. Wonder why she chose Malaysia. BTW, Melaka (or in English “Malacca”) is a beautiful historical state in Malaysia. Think Baba-Nyonya from “The Little Nyonya”. 🙂

  3. Omg!! the pictures are sooo amazing!! it felt soo fairy tale like. gosh. awesome!!
    and i wonder why she chose melaka though? and i’m from malaysia.

    melaka is a wonderful place, so many old buildings. but i can’t stand the weather.

    again, seriously the pictures look so beautiful. love it.

  4. Amazing; she’s beautiful, as always! But they haven’t dated long enough for marriage to come into question. Has she always been betrothed at birth, making Beam so possessive? LOL, jk. ;D Best of wishes to Beam’s one and only baby sister. =)

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