Sneak Peak Into Pinky’s Indian Movie

Some were starting to believe actress, “Pinky” Savika was starting to fib about her Bollywood movie(instead it’s Kollywood), but fret no more as someone had uploaded a little short clip from the movie.

The actress said the movie was receiving good reviews, but according to those living in India, their results were opposite of the actress as they said the reviews weren’t so great.

What do you think from the little sneak peak?

Source via Sanook!

47 responses to “Sneak Peak Into Pinky’s Indian Movie

  1. Will here is another link to the trailer of her bollywood movie:

    From the teaser it looks really good. They went all action and everything.

    • Here’s a bollywood movie trailer: 2 guys lie that they are gay to live with a girl,, since they do not have a place to stay. One simple problem.. they both fall in love and she still thinks they are GAY. Who gets the girl? Enjoy…

  2. What language would she be speaking if everyone else spoke Indian in the clip. English probably….

  3. in india there are a few indian film industries, bollywood being the most famous worldwide…i am trying to figure out which industry this film is from…kollywood, tollywood…i can’t tell but this is most likely not a bollywood film.

  4. Yea I’m passing. The trailer creeps me out…too much blood…not my thing…
    There’s a kollywood and tollywood? How many are there?

  5. Gosh, the guy…Since I have nothing nice to say about him I will not say anything.
    Pinky is pretty, never doubted that. 🙂

    • Why is it, in a lot of Indian movies, that the guy is like double the girls age or something?!!! Well maybe he just looks so much older but I doubt it, he’s probably least 35. It really really really makes me not wanna watch the movie at all. If a man that age came to me like that I’d just freaking leave as fast as possible. If they had a nice couple like Yaya and Nadech, Stefan Sunti and Aum Patcharapa or Weir and Pancake or Jui and Om Akapan I’d sure give it a try. But a huge age gap like this is just weird and ugh! Especially when you notice that gap =o.

      • Here’s a REAL bollywood movie trailer: 2 guys lie that they are gay to live with a girl,, since they do not have a place to stay. One simple problem.. they both fall in love and she still thinks they are GAY. Who gets the girl? Enjoy…thanks 🙂

  6. I’ve watched many bollywood films including the recent ones. Probably a good starting point for Pinky to work in a smaller film industry in India. It’s definitely not Bollywood so probably bit misleading that she’s made it big in india. Showed the trailer to a Hindi friend. She had no idea about the cast and she couldn’t even understand the language. She thinks its Tamil or something.

  7. the guys are ugly! creeps me out too lol i’ve never really watched an indian film before. think i’ll just stick to thai.

  8. It looks like a really cheap movie. But I like Pinky’s energy. It’s always hard to try and make it in a totally different country.

    • Most of the reviews I read didn’t speak of Pinky except that she’s an actress from bangkok and this is her debut. I read one article that mention her a bit more and this was what they said “Thailand actress Pinky is fun to watch though she tends to overact at times.”.

      There were mix reviews from 1 start to 3 stars but the average was 2.5-3 out of 5.

  9. I’m not fan of action movies and especially indian action movies but I would like to try this one just for Pinky. It’s pretty weird to watch her play in an indian movie for real lol.

  10. i dont think she is as good as a real nang ek indian but at less she try so i gives her kudus for that. LOL… indian dance is not easy… LOL… if you know what i mean… ^_^

  11. I was really hoping it’d be a bollywood film and not one of the other industries…but meh. Never watched a telly film but have heard they are over the top (and i was like really…isn’t that what bollywood movies are? n the reply was times that by 2 and you get a tellywood film). I was wishing she’d be with Zyed Khan or Imran Khan since imo they are the cutest bollywood actors, and would match with pinky. Regardless i`ll watch the movie cause she`s in it, hopefully someone will sub it in english.

  12. here is a clip of her doing a dance to another bollywood movie song, i never knew she could actually dance it`s not bad.

  13. I thinks I’ll passed on this one. I don’t thinks Pinky is fit to be a bollywood actress. I thinks is would be best if she stick with Thai lakorn. By the way, I do agreed, the trailer creep me out!

    • Josephine.. that trailer gave me the heebie-jeebies too.. creepY!! But Here’s a REAL bollywood movie trailer: STORY 2 guys lie that they are gay to live with a girl, since they do not other place to stay. One simple problem.. they both fall in love and she still thinks they are GAY. Who gets the girl? Enjoy…thanks
      Let me know what you think….

  14. ROFL… Im Indian.. just wanted to say that is not a BOLLYWOOD movie!!! Its a south indian film and they have their own movie industry called Tamil Cinema.. and not Bollywood. In Indian we have multiple communities. this is the south indian community….What a complete faker and farce. Pinky no lying.. someone’s gonna catch the lie.!! Heck, even i dont know what they are saying.. they language is so different then Hindi. someone please correct the title…’not bollywood!!’ sorry..

  15. I’m sorry but Pinky really should’ve stayed in the Thai industry. So many misunderstandings are coming about! She is my fave nang’ek & she does well in her lakorns. Her scandal was shady but that shouldn’t interfere with her work or supportive fans!

  16. Whats up with all these negative feed back about bollywood n or indian movies. Im not hindu but my husband is. Ima straight asian lady. I find indian guy attracted due to their manly figured. I grew up watchin both indians n thai movies. There are so many good indian movies that made me all bubbly n cried many times while watching it. I enjoy watching movies starring Shahrukh Khan n etc. To my point, dont be so marrow minded n be more open minded. Dont judge their look but judge their acting skill. They my might look good but can they act? I like the lead guy to have both n manly look n figure. N they must n can not look more prettier than the leading lady.
    Honestly im not a fan of pinky. I watched her tv drama only once. But once she achieve to kollywood or tollywood n have really good ratings she will be able to get in bollywood. Tho i doubt. But ey! Shes pretty lucky. N of course, probably the spoken language is tamil. From southern india. Too much of my piece of mind.

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