“Ploy” Chidjun Wants To Return To Entertainment Biz

After taking a break from the entertainment business to fulfill her motherly duties to take care of her dearest son, “Nong Tachino”, actress “Ploy” Chidjun wants to return to the entertainment business, but has to wait for approval from the bosses first. Making her fans waiting in anticipation when they’ll see their beloved actress back on their television screen. But it seems her fans might have to wait a bit longer as to there are rumors being said, “Ploy” is 2 months pregnant with her 2nd child. Congratulations to “Ploy” and her family (if the rumor is true).

[Source via Gossip Star]

8 responses to ““Ploy” Chidjun Wants To Return To Entertainment Biz

  1. He’s so adorable! 😀
    Wow. She’s Preggo again? Reminds me of Noi when she wanted to return to the Ebiz but was pregnant again. lol Hope to see her back onscreen again. (:

  2. Yeah she is pregnant! She was on ratree samoson, the one that aired this week. She plans on having 5 children! Dang!

  3. can’t wait to see her back on screen. miss her acting and her baby is so cute, he looks like his father 🙂

    i agree with preaw that teekayu is the cutest.

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