No Signs of Marriage Yet for Anne and Long Time Boyfriend, “A”

Actress, Anne Thongprasom revealed there aren’t any signs of her and long time boyfriend, “A” getting married yet. The actress is also not afraid that their love will fall into bitterness like other couples.

Anne revealed, “Right now, I’m not ready to marry. I want to stay like this for awhile and personally, I’m not afraid that my relationship will turn out like other couples. I think of it as more of a friendship and my feelings if I was to lose him instead. Let’s just say when I’m ready, I’ll hurry and let everyone know.”

[Source via Sanook!/INN News & Rakdara]

23 responses to “No Signs of Marriage Yet for Anne and Long Time Boyfriend, “A”

  1. they have been together for such a long time now.. they are pretty much like married couple.. except without the paper…
    but some couples are better off not married.. take oprah and steadman

  2. I just curious, when does Anne plan to get marry? Don’t get wrong, Anne is still very beautiful but everyone in her generations are all married. I think Anne should planning to settle down.

  3. Might as well not get married….they seemed to be doing fine without doing so. After all that long, they are like a married couple. I know some couples that stay together happily not being married for such a long time but when they decided to do so, it last only a year then they ended up getting a divorce.

    • I agree about couple dating for a period of long time, but when they get married they end up in divorce. Anne and her bf seems to be happy together like this, I think the media needs to stop asking Ann constantly about marriage when she told them a thousands time that she’s not ready. Plus, Ann did say she doesn’t want any kids that’s why she’s not in a hurry to get marry and her bf “A” is okay with that. I think they have an amazing understanding of one another that I don’t think they’ll fall out of love. Best wish to my Ann and will always be her fan forever:D

  4. Another beauty with an ugly looking beast. I grew up watching Ann and Ken together and always had hoped they were secretly dating each other privately, but too bad they arent.

  5. If Anne doesn’t want to get married with her longtime bf yet it’s her choice.It’s what she wants and that’s her life and business.
    Some people are just not meant for marriage.And i agree with the comment above that some couples stay longer as bf/gf and when they get married they couldn’t wait to divorce each other.

    Take Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel. for example.They have been together for more than 20 years without marriage and they seem happy.

  6. You can start a family without actually being married on paper. I guess she those type that doesn’t need a paper to prove that. I just hope she doesn’t regret because if she does want a family, it will be hard on her. It’s really harder for an older woman to get conceive.

  7. Anne did once said in an interview that she doesn’t mind not having kids, cuz of how the surrounding is today. I am ok if anne is not marry . She is happy the way she is . WHy try to fix something when is not broken.

  8. I think married and having a child are nothing for Ann ka, the most important is love, love is never end and never die ka. love is frist and having child is second to me ka,so hope Ann will married soon and having child – wish their child will be beautiful, smight and popular like her ka.

  9. wow, i didn’t know she even has a bf and that they’ve been together for a long time…her situation reminds me of aff and her bf…it’s not what i would expect from superstars like them bcuz they are living like a married couple, just without the official word “marriage.” Where as other Thai stars do care about their cultural pride and image and officially marry after a few years of dating. I would prefer marriage over co-habiting.

  10. well, with all the things happen in china, taiwan, hongkong entertainment when the celebrities already married and didn’t say anything til they got caught with all the marriage registration . in Ann case, may be she already married for a long time now, just thinking

  11. ann look too good for him. What the hell she thinking to go with him in the first place. There are so many good looking Thai actors like Pong Nawat and Chakrit but too bad he just got married to a ugly girl too.

  12. I really like anne and I want to be her sister is away thing of her. Anne can u please add me on Facebook my face book is eh name doh thank u I love u and like u as a friend. I mean a gril.

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