Mario Flaunts His 6 Pack For Gay Magazine, “ATTITIDE”

Receiving such great reviews more than he can ever think of actor, Mario Maurer pleases his fans by posing shirtless once again … Not only is he pleasing his female fans, but he’s also pleasing his third gender fans. Just seeing his bulky arm muscles and abs, real girls and fake ones will melt already!

[Source via Gossip Star/Sanook! & Images via Magazinedee]

10 responses to “Mario Flaunts His 6 Pack For Gay Magazine, “ATTITIDE”

  1. Omg. Just be mine already! he’s so cute! & I love his acting 😀 Can’t wait to see more of what he has to offer! He’s absolutely amazing.

  2. I think Mario looks too young.He has such a baby face that when he plays a character that is more mature than his real age,it’s not so believable.He doesn’t seem to suit in the business suits they dressed him in for the lakon.He is cute though.I love Nadech better,no offense to all the Mario fans out there.Nadech suits in any clothes they put him in whether it’s suits or casual street wear.Mario did ok in his first lakon (Plerng Toranong) but I don’t like the wardrobe stylist for the lakon.I think they could’ve done a better job there! Also,what does he see in Gub Kib????

    • What “more mature than his real age” character?? The character of Plerng WASN’T meant to be “mature”, but just as old as Mario is. Plerng is not the CEO of the company but someone of the family given the task of marketing the company and its products for a period of time. That job doesn’t require someone to be older than he is; in fact, a young turk like Plerng is required for his task for the fresh perspectives that can revitalize the company’s marketing efforts (just as Plerng has provided).. Mario, for me, is totally believable in his role.. and he looks divine in his suits.

      Anyway, not being Thai.. I’ve no knowledge of Thai showbiz at all. It’s Mario “fault” that got me acquainted with it. (Not that I’d explore it deeply, though: Mario is basically just it for me LOL).. So Thailand has much to thank Mario for. Many Asians (Filipinos, Indonesians, Koreans, Chinese, Taiwanese, etc.) are discovering Thai entertainment coz of him.. well, aside from a few Thai films like Ong Bak, etc.. He’s practically the most famous Thai in Asia now, regardless of his actual position in Thai showbiz heirarchy…Thru Mario, I got to be aware of other heartthrobs like Kao or Nadech, etc..

      But no offense to you or other Nadech fans.. but I think he’ll never quite make it internationally the way Mario has.. for a combination of reasons. Nadech is handsome, yes, but he’s still too… meh. LOL

      As for Gub Gib.. I share your sentiment! LOL.. but him sticking it our for her means he’s a person of real conviction, which makes me prouder of him..

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