“Kao” to Shy to Kiss His Mother in Public

In the occasion of paying homage to the Queen on the 12th of August of every year to show their faithfulness and loyalty, the Bank of Ayudhya created an activity, ‘A Child’s Dream for Their Mother’. In that event “Kao” Jirayu and his mother attended the event.

Kao’s mother once stated she talks to her son as a friend and the gift Kao wants to give his mother for Mother’s day the most is to work harder for his mother because his mother works harder than him. The most thing he’s worried about his mother is her health. He would like his mother to work out more than this (for her health). Kao then goes on to say that showing love for your mother everyday is enough. You don’t have to show that you love her just on Mother’s day.

[Source via Rakdara]

Editors Note: I know it doesn’t say anything in the article about Kao being shy to kiss his mother, but the title of the original article stated it. It was a disappoint for me also. – Arissya

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