Pancake and Weir Reveals They Can Still Work Together…Even in Korea!

A lot of people are having their eyes open and even hoping for a return when news broke out that actor, “Weir” Sukollawat was being accompanied by former fling, “Pancake” Khemmanit across seas for their lakorn, ‘Nang Fa Gup Mafia'(An Angel and A Mafia) in the infamous country of distressed and romantic love, South Korea.

It also happens to one of the many places the 2 went together while they were dating (dating not boyfriend and girlfriend) each other. When there were news that came out the actress had a change of heart and started seeing her co-star, “Pae” Arak. Will he be jealous that his sweetheart is now filming a lakorn with a former fling? Pae isn’t one bit jealous as he knows this is just work!

[Source via Gossip Star]

17 responses to “Pancake and Weir Reveals They Can Still Work Together…Even in Korea!

  1. Becoming good friends after a break up is a good thing. Hating each other after a break up would do nothing better. It’s good they still can work together.

    • Gosh I just HATE people who talk sh*t about other people who they don’t know. If your gonna say somthing bad it’s better to not say anyting at all. Your the one who has a FLATFACE. If you don’t wanna watch them why did you came to this article for.

      • It’s not talking shit, it’s the truth from what they say if you can’t accept the truth from them then you’re being a little bit immature. Also Careless what they say it’s only their opinion you can’t stop from what they are saying.

  2. Dayuuummm Weir is still hot after all.. It’s a good thing that they are still friends instead of hating eachother. Now he can play with kwan usamanee.. I want to see them doing lakorn!

  3. All these haters are better known as bullies. Picking on people just because. how would you feel being picked on? Maybe it already happen to them and now they are doing the reverse role. Sad. so sad.

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  5. Oh ! Im so gonna watch this. but whatsup with people these days all they do is talk trash about movie stars. why not yall put yourslef in their shoes . but all i can say to the people who always say bad thing is lame.

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