Into The Homes of Various Daras

Many of our favorite celebrities that we love and follow their work of gives us the pleasure of admiring their work. But putting aside their “on-screen” life for us, what is it that they come home to when they’re off-screen in their very own private homes? We take you into the house of various celebrities and show you just how nice their homes are.

Former actor and boyband member of D2B, “Beam” Kawee

Actress and songstress, “Punch” Worakarn

Superstar, “Bird” Thongchai‘s house in Chiang Rai

Burin Boonvisut of band ‘Groove Riders’

Actor, former D2B member, singer,song writer, producer, director, “Dan” Worrawech

Boyband member of C-Quint, “Fluke”

Singer and actor, “Golf” Pichaya

The Royal Residence of former actor and now international singer/songwriter, “Hugo” Chakrabongse

Rapper, songwriter,Gancore Club member, “Joeyboy“‘s residence in Kanchanaburi

Actress, “Jakajun” Akumsuiri

Comedian, “Mum Jokmok”

Former actor, model, and VJ, “Todd” Sina

Actress, “Pat” Napapa

Actress, “Yard” Yardthip

[Source via Sanook! & Fwdder]

18 responses to “Into The Homes of Various Daras

  1. Those are really nice homes…But I’m not into big houses. To me, the more space the more mess…then again if one can afford a big house they can afford a cleaning maid. 🙂

  2. Dan is like the Jay Chou of Thailand, he writes songs, sings, acts, is a producer and a director!! WOW!!

  3. damn todd sinas house is huge! and burins!! but i looove birds house in chiang rai!!!!! 😀

  4. all their houses are very impressive…i remember when Dan was able to buy this house for his parents, he was very proud. Golf & Mike’s house is spectular, man i remember seeing pictures of the inside, and same goes for Todd Sina, i remember seeing a layout of his house, his maid’s room was huge…probably 5x bigger than my bedroom LoL. Fluke’s house, or shall I say mansion is also very beauitful I can see a lakorn being shot there, and the artitechture of Burin’s house is like a piece of art, Yarthips’ is very modern and girly, matches her well

    Hugo’s mansion is sure fitting for the scary stories i’ve heard about his home..i love him nonetheless

  5. Mum smile always make me smile :D. Nice homes but if i was to be rich and like them then i would get a regular house enough space for guest and my family. I like yardthips

  6. Out of all the house i have to say I WOULD LIVE W/ BIRD any day! man now that’s a nice house and land. Dan house is pretty nice too! they living the good life~!!

  7. Golf Pichaya’s house, or his parents house? Doesn’t he have his own condo or something now? Why just Golf wouldn’t it be Mike’s house too? lol I’m nosy 😛

  8. What a beautiful house. ESPECIALLY Bird Thongchai.. Never thought that his house is that beautiful and also Burin Boonvisut House… Very beautiful Pat napapa is alright and punch worakan is Nice Too!! =D They all have beautiful houses. I want to see Ken theeradeth house.

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