Howard Wang ‘Sheds A Tear’ After Spending 1 Night in Jail for Possession of Marijuana

Actor and former singer of RS Promotion boyband ‘Giants’, Howard Wang was arrested on August 3rd for the possession of marijuana.

After his lawyer as posted bail for the amount of ฿10,000 ($335 USD) it was revealed that the actor had spent one night in jail and was under investigation with no bail. Before this Howard had another charge on him for narcotics and the court had went back to see if the actor had any charges against him in the past 5 years, which he didn’t. But there was an aggravated assault filed against Howard 2 years ago which had no effect towards his current charges now.

What was found in possession with Howard was 5.5 grams of marijuana. When compared to cigarettes it’s about 2-3 rolls, but his lawyer had stated that it was old marijuana. They had also found a bamboo bong and was later written in reports by police was that Howard was the possessor of marijuana. Howard said it wasn’t his, but a friend who had spent the night and he doesn’t know how it ended up in his wardrobe.

When asked by reporters on his press conference on the 5th of August if Howard’s place was the the chill out spot for druggies, Howard denied and said that he only sleeps there, but that’s it. Howard believes a friend had left it behind and that his friends aren’t out pulling a prank on him.

“I am denying that I have any involvement with narcotics definitely. I am confused by it, but I am also upset that everyone sees me as a druggie. It’s not good news at all. I’m glad I only had to spent 1 night in jail… I’m innocent that I have no involvement with drugs and the most thing I want to do  is make my mother happy and proud of me. I want everyone who gave me support to be proud of me.”

Howard’s mother, Julie Chu  believes in her son and goes on to say that their house isn’t locked since the door lock is quite old and that there isn’t much people who would come over since both are always out working. Ms. Chu goes on to say that their house has nothing of value for anyone to steal. When asked how confident she was of her son, Ms. Chu said she was 100% confident in Howard.

[Source via Gossip Star]

It’s OK Howard to ‘Shed A Tear’ you shouldn’t be afraid to cry as you can also be a manly guy.

12 responses to “Howard Wang ‘Sheds A Tear’ After Spending 1 Night in Jail for Possession of Marijuana

    • And random as in I didn’t expect it to be there even after reading the title. I was like “Oh he cried?” lol.

  1. Darn, he’s such a handsome kid. Why get himselve involve in this, instead of trying to land a role in one of those lakorn. As I remember it, Giant is quite popular back then. And Howard is the lead singer. Plus, he also got

  2. Howard will never his lesson when it comes to drugs. He was the reason why giant broke up in the first place because he got caught with drugs at the age of thirtteen RS had to kick him out along with his group. Sad.

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  4. Wasn’t he the guy whose mv plagiarist Taeyang’s Where U At’s mv? Drugs will get you to nowhere. He should’ve learn that from Western’s celebrities.

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