“Bank” Preeti Has Been Dating His Girlfriend for 9 Years!

In prepartions for his solo album, former lead singer of rock band Clash, “Bank” Preeti Barameeanan has announced that he will be releasing a solo album out soon. The singer has recorded about 5-6 in the studio already. As for his love life, “Bank” revealed that he and girlfriend, “Ninew” have been dating for nearly 9 years already!

Bank doesn’t have marriage on his mind yet, but instead asks his girlfriend to wait first as the singer wants to reach his goals and dreams first before considering to settle down. Bank says their relationship is a happy one and there are no signs that their relationship is going to tip over.

Reporter then went on to ask Bank on how he feels about receiving his first lakorn role, the singer goes on to say, “Right now, I’m still a bit confused because I just got done filming a movie and a stage drama, in which they use different techniques and approaches from one another. With lakorns there are many cameras and which camera or angle should I look at for the camera to capture me? Before this, I couldn’t accept lakorn roles because of my situation. Rock bands shouldn’t be in lakorns, but I’ve asked my fan club to see if I should try and act in a lakorn and they told me that I should’ve done it along time ago already. I decided to try it out and my opportunity now is perfect.”

Bank then goes on to say that even though he has a lot of acting gigs coming his way, but he remains true to his passion (which is music).

“I’m unable to throw  music aside for everything, but I can throw everything aside for music.” 

[Source via Rakdara]

10 responses to ““Bank” Preeti Has Been Dating His Girlfriend for 9 Years!

  1. Wow his legs are so small and skinny like chicken legs lol will best of luck to Bank and his girlfriend, hope he’ll wife her up soon, it would be sad if all those years goes to waste like James and his girlfriend Ae

    • I agree with you on this. It doesn’t take a man 9 years to realize if he wants to marry a girl or not. I also don’t like their let me reach my goals and dreams thing first. It’s an overly used excuse.

  2. is it me or.. does his girlfriend remind me of that girl who went on Thailand Got Talent? and she busted out with a guys voice? I think its the lips

  3. I will be supporting Bank & the rest of the guys. They are amazing talent. I wonder what kind of role he accepted for his first lakorn. Excited to see. Thank you for the news, na.

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